Get a Flight PlanIf you’re like most aviation companies, you’ve wasted quite a bit.

Any advertising that you’ve done when you’re not clear about what benefit you’ve received from it (if any) would qualify.

Here are some facts to compare:

  • A quarter page ad in MRO Network magazine will cost you  $3,008, assuming you’re willing to commit to running it four times a year, for a total of $12,032.
  • A standard 10 x 10 booth at the NBAA convention will run you $2,915. And that’s before you figure in the cost of little things like carpet, chairs, electricity, your display, travel costs, literature, advertising opportunities or any follow up activities.
  • According to Search Engine Watch, most small businesses that engage in Pay Per Click advertising on Google spend $1200 per month on PPC ads.


Not that any of these activities are a bad idea, but if you don’t understand how many leads you acquired from each of these sources and how many of these leads are likely to buy from you, you’re wasting a lot of money.

Random Acts of Marketing are expensive.

By contrast, professional advice is VERY affordable, especially today and tomorrow!

Never waste money on “Random Acts of Marketing” again!

At $1799, you could argue that a Marketing Flight Plan is expensive. But just imagine how much money you’ll save when you have these things:

  • A custom plan that pinpoints the activities that are the most likely to produce highly qualified leads for you.
  • Inside information on what your competitors are doing.
  • A 31-point checklist that outlines specific changes that are most likely to turn website visitors into buyers.
  • Professional guidance crafting powerful headlines and calls to action for your current marketing materials.
  • An Executive Summary that boils down all of our recommendations into the top three priorities that are most important to do first.
  • Two one-hour consultations in which we answer your specific questions.

The Marketing Flight Plan is the best investment you can make toward improving your marketing and sales this year.