Aviation Sales and Marketing Scholarships
Know someone in the aviation industry whose life and career would be better if he (or she) were better at sales or marketing?
Maybe this is a pilot, product developer, engineer, doctor, lawyer, insurance person, or other subject matter expert in the aviation industry who is finding themselves responsible for bringing in leads or making sales.
Maybe it’s a student or young person struggling to find a profitable career for him or herself.

We’re offering two scholarships to our Aviation Sales & Marketing Lab.


A bit of background: 

We created a scholarship for our Insider Circle in 2016 focused on getting more women into the group, and we succeeded beyond our hopes.  (At that time, our Insider Circle (which has since evolved into our Sales & Marketing Lab) was 80% male. 
Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But since the purpose of a networking group is to have a variety of opinions, it helps to have folks from a variety of different backgrounds. 
We met Joni Lampert Schultz and Kasey Dixon, who continue to be fantastic Insiders that contribute fascinating materials and insights to the group.
And of course, since those two joined us, many other women have joined our ranks as paying members!  (Lindsay Dyer, Sherry Chaput, Debbie Murphy, and others!) So, the proportions of our group changed dramatically and I believe it’s helped to have strong female characters for our members to network with!
Mission accomplished!
While we want to keep the group small and exclusive,  we’d like to get more young folks into the group.  From a marketing perspective, of course, ABCI has an interest in investing in long-term future clients and their networks.  We’re also interested in bringing some young energy and diverse skill sets and frames of reference into the group as well.
Here’s what I have in mind:
ABCI would like to offer two scholarships to young aviation sales and marketing professionals in 2019. We’d like to announce the winners at the NBAA Convention in Orlando at our Networking Breakfast.
aviation marketing Lab – One Year Scholarship includes:
  • Full participation (including the opportunity to earn certification) in our Aviation Sales Basics Certification Course.) (A $499 value.)
  • 12 months of SEO/ website visibility reports (A $29 value x 12) 
  • 12 months of Monthly Office Hours (A $279 value x 12) 
  • 12 months of Book of the Month (A $20 value x 12) 
  • 12 months Inclusion in the Insider Circle Facebook Group (Their  inclusion in the Facebook Group can be extended at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, based on the value of that person’s ongoing contributions to the group. (Priceless!) 
  • The scholarship can be revoked at any time if the recipient leaves the profession, fails to participate in a meaningful way, or does anything that the committee (or John or I) feel is detrimental to any of our members.
Qualifying Factors for the scholarship:

To that end, we have a seven-person panel of amazing aviation industry folks and long-time group members who have agreed to evaluate applications with us.  

Click here to apply!


Or please forward this email to people in your network who would be a great fit for our Sales & Marketing Lab!