San Diego, CA

October 12, 2018

Holiday shoppers looking for gift ideas for pilots on their lists have more to choose from than airplane-emblazoned ties or expensive pilot watches.

“I think some people dread holiday shopping,” said frustrated holiday shopper Paula Williams.  “Many want to give great gifts, but many of the options are too expensive or too trivial.  It really helps when a gift has a great story behind it.”

Robert DeLaurentis is planning a historic circumpolar navigation of the globe in a modified Turbo Commander in January 2018 to promote aviation safety, STEM education and the international development of science and technology. The flight will carry experiments from the University of Santa Barbara, and Robert DeLaurentis will make several scheduled stops to lecture and participate in various activities promoting these causes.

The DeLaurentis Foundation has a number of gift items for sale this holiday season, including items for pilots and adventurers such as flight bags and sunglasses.   The lineup also includes commemorative challenge coins, books and DVDs, so that anyone can enjoy the adventure. In addition to gifts for pilots,  the compendium will include coloring and activity books for children include science, geography and history.

Seven Gift Ideas for Pilots, Thinkers and Adventurers of All Ages

Seven Gift Ideas for Pilots, Thinkers and Adventurers of All Ages

“I’m buying a bunch of these things for friends and family this holiday season.  We’re all looking for ways to get our kids to unplug and interact with us and each other – this is a great activity to bring people together,” said Williams.

Aviation professionals and companies that give holiday gifts in volume will find convenient options such as volume pricing, personalization and gift-wrapping.

Download the gift guide here.

Details about the gift items can be found in a printable gift guide, “Seven Gift Ideas for Pilots, Thinkers and Adventurers of All Ages, and in the DeLaurentis Foundation Gift Shop Online at

About the Historic Flight

The flight, in a modified Turbo Commander piloted by Robert DeLaurentis,  will depart from San Diego, flying southeast to Texas then down through Central and South America with a stopover at the southern tip of Chile; then on down to the South Pole and back up to the eastern edge of Brazil, over to southern Africa, flying on to Madagascar; from there he will fly up to Kenya and Northern Africa through Europe to the North Pole and then down through Alaska and back to San Diego. More information can be found at

About the DeLaurentis Foundation

Robert DeLaurentis is no stranger to circumnavigating the globe. A former Navy Officer for 14 years, pilot for 7 years, and author of two books, he has logged over 1100 flight hours. In 2015, DeLaurentis completed the first solo flight around the world spanning over 26,000 nautical miles and 23 countries in 98 day in a Piper Malibu Mirage, a single engine plane. Overall he has flown his plane, “The Spirit of San Diego,” to over 53 countries in South America, Asia, Europe, and more.

Interviews and high-resolution photographs are available on request.