Aviation Sales consultant Mark Leeper and Marketing Consultant Paula Williams discuss the three things you should do BEFORE your next trade show to make the sales justify the expense and effort!

Trade shows are a great opportunity, but a HUGE investment.  It’s important to make the most of each trade show, increase your sales, AND increase your return on investment so that you can can justify future aviation trade shows.

Here are three things every sales and marketing professional should

  1. Make Appointments. Book yourself solid for the show.
  2. Plan your presentations. So that you’re not stumbling for words as you introduce yourself at a networking event or fumble a product demo or find yourself blinking blankly at a question you should have been expecting.
  3. Plan your team’s workload.  Trade shows are a busy time, and you’ll have work waiting for you when you get back to the office. And after a successful trade show, you’ll have even MORE work to do as you prepare information packages and proposals for your new contacts.  So, start planning early to avoid overwhelm (and missed opportunities) later!

For the full transcript of this conversation, please click this link to the Seabright Company blog.