Free Workshop – Aviation Trade Show Success

Trade shows are an important activity for us, and for many of our clients.

Where else can you be in the SAME ROOM with SO MANY prospective clients, investors, and partners?

The problem is, so are  ALL of your competitors!

It’s easy to get lost and exhausted in the  cacophony of a trade show without making a single meaningful connection.   We’ll talk about how to do these three things to maximize your (increasingly expensive!)  investment.

  • Prepare
  • Present
  • Postshow Follow Up

Do these three things right, and you’ll do better than 90% of your competitors (who are spending the same amount of money to be there!

July 3, 2024

1:00 PM Pacific

2:00 PM Mountain

3:00 PM Central

4:00 PM Eastern

Can’t make it?  Sign up anyway and we’ll provide you with the workbook, checklists and recording!

Aviation Trade Show Success

Join us for this year’s free workshop!

Last Year’s Workshop

0:00 – Intro

1:33 – Hardest thing about Marketing at Trade Shows

3:01 – Reason behind doing Trade Shows

5:57 – Companies building Marketing Year around Trade Shows

7:00 – Outcome & Outline of the Trade Show Workshop

9:18 – Information Gathering

15:08 – Things to do 90 Days before the Trade Show

18:58 – Things to do 60 Days before the Trade Show

24:22 – Things to do 30 Days before the Trade Show

28:33 – Things to do During the Trade Show

32:17 – First Business Day after the Show

34:16 – Executing your Follow Up Plan

38:44 – Business Cards and  eCards

40:44 – Explosion in Under 45 Crowd in Aviation

42:46 – After Action Report 90 to 180 Days after the Trade Show

45:52 – People from group going to Oshkosh

48:46 – Things to Discuss with the Team after Trade Show

50:57 – Final Checklist, Consultation & Questionnaire

51:30 – Getting it Done

56:37 – Office Hours & Project Hours

58: 08 – Outro