Aviation Marketing Webinars

Connect, educate and convert customers!

Use new tools for old-fashioned education and relationship building!

You sell a complex product or service. The best way to educate customers and build credibility in person, but a great webinar can help you interact with customers very effectively at a much lower cost.

Personal Interaction –
Just more convenient and affordable than trade shows or in-person sales calls!

There is nothing like sitting in the same room with a prospect – being able to tell your story, show your product, use visual aids, and answering questions in person is unparalleled.

But most of us can’t visit every potential customer individually and in person.

Customers can see your face or webcam, or your slides or video content. They can ask questions. You can respond personally.

Aviation professionals are comfortable attending webinars – probably more comfortable than attending an in-person sales presentation!

And they appreciate companies that take the time to present information interactively and consider webinars more credible than video or printed information.

Why? Because aviation professionals are often visual thinking who like to see things for themselves.

A great webinar can do to following:

  • Collect contact information from leads.
  • Deeply engage with potential customers.
  • Establish your leadership and authority
  • Show live camera, animated slides, diagrams and other complex information.
  • Provide handouts, brochures, and other materials
  • Present across geographical boundaries
  • Learn from the questions prospects ask.

Interacting with customers on a webinar can initiate and deepen relationships that you may not otherwise have the opportunity to acquire.

Many professionals are uneasy about how to create, promote, facilitate, and manage the technology of a webinar.   We handle the technology for you so that you can focus on your content  and customers.

Aviation Marketing Webinar

Here’s What You Get:

  • Strategy Session to brainstorm a great title, topics and format that will target your ideal customers

  • Tech Setup and Rehearsals  – We’ll work with you until you feel comfortable and look great.

  • Advertise your webinar – Using email broadcasts and social media to target your ideal customers (2-3 ad designs, 2 email broadcasts.)

  • Create a Sales Call Outline – For your sales team to invite your prospects.

  • Create a compelling slide deck.

  • Create an attractive Landing Page for registrations.

  • Manage the technology so you can focus on your message.

  • Intros and facilitation for a professional touch.

  • Recording, editing and production  – Of your webinar in video format.

  • Transcription of your webinar’s audio.

  • Detailed reports, including prospect contact information, questions asked, etc.

  • Upgrade – We will advertise your webinar using 500 mailed postcards sent twice to a targeted mailing list. One set inviting your guests to the webinar, the other inviting them to the replay.



Book ABCI as your Webinar Concierge before June 30 (your webinar can be anytime in 2020!)
and we’ll design, print, and mail 500 postcards to a list of ideal customers for free! (A $1500 value!)

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