Aviation Brochures

If you sell an aviation product or service, your brochure should be a hardworking part of your sales team!

Not a freeloading space-filler!

Some of the jobs your brochure should perform well:

  • Prospecting at a trade show
  • Prospecting by direct mail package
  • Building credibility as collateral in the sales process
  • To provide an update or announcement to current customers or influencers
  • To encourage new customer happiness and referrals

What information should you include in an aviation marketing brochure?

Most brochures are mostly composed of boring company or product information, which is NOT what your customer is interested in.(News flash – they don’t care about YOU, they only care about their own problems and how you can solve them.

Your brochure should be about your customers and THEIR needs so that they identify with it immediately.

Some successful formats:

  • Problem/solution
  • Outline of Benefits, rather than Features
    (How does this save money, save time, improve safety, or improve experience?)
  • A buyer’s guide to your product or service.
  • A comparison table of options.
  • Charts, graphs, diagrams & photographs

Here’s What You Get:

  • A consultation about the List, Offer, and Presentation required to get the results you want.

  • A visually arresting design, using stock photography (or your own photography) and professional graphic design.

  • Compelling sales copy written by aviation-industry copywriters.

  • Full Color front and back.

  • 100 Copies More available at a discounted price.

  • Premium Glossy heavyweight stock.

  • Press Checked and delivered to your office

  • Press-checked, and delivered to your office.

  • Other sizes/formats available. The more creative, the better!

  • Custom photography and other services available for an additional fee.

  • Turnaround Time –  10 business days.

    Expedited service may be available!

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Don’t spend valuable advertising budget printing glossy brochures that don’t have a chance of connecting or inspiring customers!

Big ideas from this week’s episode:

  • Brochures are a very traditional method of aviation advertising
  • They are almost always appallingly boring, because these aviation brochures are about the company or the product, NOT about the customer and his problems!
  • They often end up in a drawer (or worse, in the trash!) unless they’re well-designed and used properly as part of a well-thought-out  marketing campaign or  sales process.

Will Your Gorgeous Aviation Brochures End Up in the Las Vegas Convention Center Garbage Cans?

You spent hours choosing the right photos, had several rounds of wordsmithing with your team, and spent a fortune on printing beautiful aviation brochures for NBAA, or one of the other important conventions that are marketing landmarks for the industry.

There are two versions of what is going to happen with each of your carefully crafted works of art: