IC Office Hours

Office Hours are the least expensive way we know of to get one-on-one, professional consulting on your sales and marketing efforts and projects. Wondering what you could do with office hours? Here are some things we’re working on this month with individual members:

  • Help Me Refine my Sales Presentation
  • This is where I lose prospects in my sales process . . . 
how do I prevent that?
  • Solve a Search Engine Optimization Puzzle
  • What’s wrong with my Ad?
  • Can you look at my LinkedIn profile?
  • How Can I Niche Down a Direct Mail Campaign to Get Better Results?
  • How to Set Up Sales Accountability Goals
  • Help Sort Out Brand Confusion (Product vs. Company Branding)
  • Help me figure out if my product is priced right.
  • Help me counter a nasty move by a competitor
  • Role Playing a Sales Call (John’s a great “Mr. Skeptical Customer.”)
  • Other requests.  (We had one request for a dinosaur with top hat and a monocle.)

For the best selection, schedule office hours with us in advance to occur on the same day & time each month.

But we understand you’re in aviation, so the best laid plans, well, you know how it goes.

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