Photography for aviation marketing

A great photo can be incredibly powerful. Photo by Taylor Greenwood.

Anyone who has ever been stopped in his tracks by a gorgeous photograph of an aircraft in a magazine or a banner at a convention understands the power of photography for aviation marketing.

To understand this better, we had a conversation with Taylor Greenwood,  whose business is making stunning photographs that sell airplanes.

Paula – Why are photographs so powerful in marketing?

Taylor – People are so busy these days that it’s hard to get their attention. People process information very quickly and make a lot of decisions based on first impressions, because we just don’t have time to look into every bit of material that comes our way very deeply.

We all know that people react differently to someone applying for a job in a T-shirt and jeans as opposed to a person in a great suit.   A great photograph is like a great suit. It shows the subject in the best possible light.

Paula – Do you have any suggestions for making product images “grab” potential customers?

Taylor – Hire a professional. Make sure the person that is capturing these images for you understands proper lighting and pays attention to every detail of the product and its setting.

If your product doesn’t look compelling,  it will be overlooked by busy customers with many other demands on their attention. Being detail-oriented is absolutely essential.

Paula  – Are there any tips you can share for working with images?

Taylor – Try not to over do it. As far as web presence is concerned, keep you site clean.  Don’t clutter the site with images. Backgrounds are better left plain. Neutral colors to help your images pop.  Let the photograph be the first and last thing people notice.

Paula – How would you represent a product or service that isn’t really visual?  If you’re an aviation lawyer or tax attorney, how could you use images to market your services?

Taylor – If you’re  a professional, you may not have a physical product to sell, but you are selling something. You’re selling yourself. A professional portrait is going to show potential clients that you take yourself seriously. And will assure them that you are of their high standards.

Taylor Greenwood is an ABCI client, and a photographer that specializes in visual images of aviation concepts, and great photographs that sell airplanes.  He can be reached at his website,

Paula Williams is an online marketing consultant with ABCI that specializes in selling aviation products and services.  She can be reached at 702-987-1679 or [email protected]

Paula and Taylor both provide free consultations.

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