For the past few months, I have been offering a free consultation to any aviation company that simply asks for one.   That offer is rapidly coming to a close.

Each of these free consultations includes a detailed competitive analysis with a table of metrics about the traffic that arrives at your site, compared to traffic at your competitor’s sites. It also looks at search engine rankings, incoming links and other factors; and gives us a chance to discuss these metrics and answer any questions you have about them.

I’ve enjoyed doing these free consultations,  and I’ve learned a lot about the aviation industry and many of the companies involved in it.  I’ve gotten to know some really great people, many of whom have since become clients.

Clients tell me they’re shocked to find out about competitors that are getting more traffic than they are – or that they’re pleasantly surprised to find themselves slightly ahead of a close rival.

One of the things  I like best about doing competitive analyses is having the opportunity to get to know a company and do some work with people in a way that involves little risk for either party. It’s kind of like a “test drive” to see if we enjoy working together and if we’re a good fit.  I want to be sure I always provide a way to do that. What I’m changing is the “something for nothing” nature of these consultations.  I will soon be offering a service of even more value at a low cost and low risk.

As much as I’ve enjoyed doing this research and going over it with people, these consultations take a lot of my time. As I’m getting busier, I need to be more selective.

Web Site Audit Service

Coming Soon – Web Site Audit Service!

Beginning April 1, 2010, I will be offering a complete Website Content, Usability and SEO Audit service that includes the Competitive Analysis. It will also include a Content Analysis and a 21 point Usability Checklist.

In exchange for this valuable insight into how to maximize sales on your website, we require an hour and a half of your time and $2500.

You can still sign up for my newsletter at no charge and get great marketing information.  You can still request a phone call to talk about your specific marketing situation; both with no obligation on your part.  But the free consultations are definitely going away at the end of March.

So, if you’d like to see where your website stands and get some useable suggestions  about how to make your website perform better at no charge, please contact me before April 1, 2010.

Or, if you’d like a more in-depth analysis, wait until after April 1 because by then I will have polished my system and will be ready to provide a more complete and thorough Website Audit.

If I’ve done a Consultation for you in the past, please keep in mind that the rates quoted are only valid for 90 days.  You might want to check the date and contact me soon – rates for most services will be going up in the near future.

Click here for a Free Consultation and Competitive Analysis

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