Books for theMarketing with Dan Kennedy Workshop

Books for the Dan Kennedy Workshop

I make it a point to go to a couple of educational workshops per year – there are lots of people doing new things with marketing, the media are always changing, and it’s great to get fresh insights. A weekend of marketing with Dan Kennedy was incredibly enlightening.

marketing with Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy, Paula Williams

This is the first event I’ve taken with Dan Kennedy – he hosted an event for American Writers and Artists International, and I’m sure it won’t be the last course I take from Dan!

Dan Kennedy has a well-deserved reputation for being a grouch, (at least on the surface) and he’s certainly not easy on his clients or his students.  Just the reading was almost more than I could lift at one time.   But Dan delivers first-class advice and had answers to questions that had been bugging me for years.

In addition to the main attraction – marketing with Dan Kennedy – I also had the opportunity to see some of my AWAI colleagues again – I met Katie Yeakle for the first time, saw the always delightful Denise Ford and Mindy Tyson McHorse and Joshua Boswell.  I met Al  Helisig of Alansa International LLC (who has some great ideas about Business to Government sales) Tony Contreras of Phoenix, who’s working in the healthcare/hospice specialty, Kristi Hyllekve who does global language and cultural translations (it’s more than just translating words!)  and Zac Nelles who came from Australia for the conference. His schedule was 19 hours off his usual time zone.

One of Dan Kennedy's racehorses

One of Dan Kennedy’s racehorses

Not sure that I would recommend Cleveland as a tourist destination, but as an added treat after the course,   we were treated to an evening at Northfield Park, Dan’s home racing track.

We met Dan’s beautiful racehorses (who were much friendlier than Dan, and much cleaner than most of the horses we have out West – Each of these guys gets daily massages and pedicures!) and watched harness racing over dinner and more great conversation.

Altogether, it was a VERY productive weekend. I came home with SEVERAL pages of notes of ideas for each of our clients.   Time to get to work!

Book Club Discussion – Marketing to the Affluent by Dan S. Kennedy

Book Club Discussion – Trust Based Marketing by Matt Zagula & Dan S. Kennedy


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