Aviation Podcast Tip SheetWe had a client ask us if producing a podcast would be a good alternative to a blog for marketing purposes.

A podcast is simply a regular series of audio (or audio and video) messages delivered over the Internet, sometimes using popular tools like iTunes.  The reason it’s called a podcast is because people commonly access podcasts using their iPods or other MP3 player.

Reasons we think hosting an aviation podcast is a great way to market your product or service –

  • It’s easy. The technology isn’t difficult, and for many people it’s easier to talk for half an hour than to write a blog post.
  • It’s not expensive. Most of the equipment and software you need is inexpensive or free.
  • It’s a good way to get connected. If you have a podcast, you have a built-in excuse for getting in touch with industry leaders and asking them to be guests on your podcast, adding to your credibility and their visibility.
  • It’s convenient for listeners. They can subscribe on their portable device or PC and podcasts are updated automatically whenever there is a new episode.
  • It helps you connect with busy people. Since listeners can tune into podcasts in their car, at the gym, at the grocery store or waiting in line at the bank or the airport, you can connect with the busiest people in a way that is much more convenient than seeking an appointment.
  • It builds trust.  Since we know that trust is developed over time, someone who has listened to you week after week has a better idea of your company, your ideology, and your products than someone who has merely read a brochure or received a sales call.
  • It’s low-key. You can include “calls to action” or advertisements in podcasts, but most podcasts are composed mainly of information and education rather than a high-pressure sales pitch.
  • It’s educational. On that note, you have the opportunity to educate your customer about your product before they feel comfortable buying it. An educated customer is more likely to be satisfied with their results (because they know they alternatives and use your product correctly) and more likely to refer others.
  • It can be viral. Speaking of referring others, it’s easy to tell someone about a great podcast you just listened to, or send them a link or file. So you can make it very easy for your best customers and fans (as well as your salespeople)  to “spread the word.”
  • You can “burn” CDs. As part of a “new customer package” or as part of your sales process, you can send people a CD of one or several episodes of your podcast. Getting a CD in the mail is much more impressive than merely a letter or brochure.
  • You can play the audio file in your business. As “hold music” or as ambiance in your reception area.  This gets customers waiting for you informed about areas of your practice you may not have had time to talk about.

But, as with all marketing channels, we wanted to try it first before we start offering the service to clients.

Listen to our podcast at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/YourMarketingCoPilot

The premier episode is an interview, quite appropriate to Valentine’s Day, is an interview with my husband John.

Episode Title – Marketing to the Skeptical – an Interview with John Williams.

Topics include – what it’s like to be in business with his wife, how we work together, why he hates Facebook, and how to market to people who don’t like to be marketed to.

We’ll report on our results, of course!