[smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/aviationmarketing/Benet_Wilson-_Aviation_Queen.mp3″ artist=”Benet Wilson, Paula Williams” social_linkedin=”true” ]Episode 10 – Personal Branding and Networking with the Aviation Queen- Click to Listen

Live from her couch in Baltimore, we have the Aviation Queen herself, Benét Wilson!

Benét takes a few minutes out from reporting on EBACE to talk with me.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • How to find a direction for your blog and online personae.
  • How “personal branding”  gives you security in a turbulent world.
  • Networking effectively in aviation (online and offline.)
  • How to go about establishing a personal brand.
  • Networking on escalators, elevators and hotel bars at aviation events.
  • Why Benét hasn’t looked for a job since 1992.
  • How online contacts become offline contacts in the aviation community.
  • How to pitch a story to an aviation reporter. (Especially Benét!)
  • The #AvGeekCinema phenomenon on Twitter, and how some of the silliest things can lead to great business contacts.
  • Gossip about Chris Elliott, Mary Kirby, Brad Elliott, Jon Ostrower, Chad Trautvetter, Steve Trimble, Rupa Haria, Elyce Moody and other great personalities in the aviation space.

Here’s the article on Benét’s blog –

Forget The Top 5 – I’m Playing #AvGeekCinema!!

Personal Branding with Benet Wilson

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