Market research at JetNet

Listen here – Podcast Episode 13 – Market Research with Paul Cardarelli of JetNet

Market research is seen as a black art. It’s often misunderstood even by marketing professionals. To entrepreneurs and businesspeople who wear many hats (including marketing) market research can be the most mystifying and frustrating part of the job.

We talk with JetNet’s Paul Cardarelli who answers these and other questions in a straightforward and helpful way.

  • There are three key elements in any marketing campaign – the offer, the presentation, and the list.  We spend a lot of time in our marketing consulting business perfecting the first two items, but of equal importance is to have the right list of people to present the offer to. How do you go about determining the right list for marketing your product or service?
  • What are some types of market research that can be conducted using JetNet’s products?  (Can you give some examples of how your products are used?)
  • What other roles can this data play in the marketing process?  (Product development, positioning, prioritization, tailoring marketing messages and offers, etc.?)
  • You work with Aircraft Dealers and Brokers, Aircraft Financiers, and Aircraft Manufacturers.  I would imagine there are several other types of businesses that can benefit – aviation insurance professionals, legal professionals, aftermarket parts manufacturers, and so on . . . are there others?
  • What other resources does a company have to have access to in order to make use of your products?  A marketing department, CRM software, an ad agency?

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