use of social media channels by avation companies

Use of social media channels by avation companies

As you know, every relevant, high quality piece of content you produce has enormous marketing value if it’s deployed correctly. Every article, photo, audio file, or video file has the potential to reach a customer at the right time and deliver the right message.  Most content has a long “shelf-life” and can continue getting you customers for years to come, if it’s deployed correctly. Video files are no exception, and there are some characteristics of video that make them even more valuable in your marketing than other forms of content.

Widespread use of broadband internet connections, inexpensive cameras, and better software developed over the last couple of years have made it possible (and advisable) to use some form of video at almost any stage of marketing.

51.5% of NBAA members who responded to a Social Media survey indicated that they use YouTube (a popular video distribution channel) once a month or more.

One of the primary tenets of  marketing is to “show rather than tell.”  Video has a potential to demonstrate a product, show the personality of a person or a company, or animate complicated technical diagrams.

In this month’s Aviation Sales & Marketing Coaching Program,  we go through demonstrations of some of the best uses of video, including:

  • Demonstrating Products
  • Interviews
  • Contests/Fan Videos
  • Photo “Slide shows”
  • Presentations/Explanations of concepts
  • Software tutorials
  • Facility tours
  • Capitalizing on news
  • Humor

Want to join us?  You can attend one class free. Write to me at Paula(at) and I’ll send you the course materials and an invitation to the session on Wednesday, June 13 at 1:00 p.m. MST.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)