crumpled-paper-ballThe power of one . . . via AWAI

Ken Segall was once in a brainstorming session with Steve Jobs, debating how many features to include in an iMac commercial.
Now, as a writer, you probably know that focusing on one idea is best. But for some reason, Steve wanted to include five points.
Another guy in the room, Lee Clow, crumpled five sheets of paper into balls and tossed one to Steve. Steve easily caught it.

Lee said, “That’s a good ad.”

Then Lee said, “Now catch this,” and threw all five balls to Steve.
Steve didn’t catch any.

“That’s a bad ad,” said Lee.

So, how are your ads doing?

What difference would it make to your bottom line if you got one or two more sales from each campaign?  Use just one great idea from each of our Marketing Master Class topics in 2013 and measure the improvement over the year.  Here’s what our class members say:

“Sure saves time over learning everything from scratch!”

“The aviation-related examples are very helpful.”

“I wish I’d known this sooner! I’ve been wasting money printing a bad mailer.”

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