Abdul comes up with creative solutions and innovative designs for just about any website requirement. We lean on Abdul to solve problems and come up with magnificent presentation options for our clients.”

Abdul Rauf - Aviation Website Design

Abdul is ABCI’s website designer and site maintenance guru. His talent in designing websites is clear. Our customers appreciate his efforts to develop or convert their websites into open portals for their business.

Abdul found his passion for design through an internship which led to his first solid job in designing websites. From there he scoured the Internet for resources to learn more about website design. He is always on the hunt for the new ideas to remain current in his chosen field of work. His passion fuels his efforts.

Abdul loves being a freelance website designer. “It gives me the freedom to work when I want, where I want, and how much I want.”

Abdul has driven his own learning. He spends a lot of time searching the Internet for new information or watching YouTube videos for new ideas. He has always loved computers and technology and started his career in data entry.

Abdul says, “The biggest challenge is keeping up with all the new technology and ideas.” But since he is passionate about design, he enjoys learning new things.

He would like to someday talk with Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, to explore ideas about being a successful business man. In his spare time, Abdul enjoys playing badminton and surfing the Web.

Abdul always gives 100% to do the best job possible. If you need a new website, or to improve an existing one, reach out today.

Birthday: May 5th

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