As an aviation enthusiast, I’d like to sit down with Charles Lindbergh. A number of people have commented I look like him when I am wearing my leather jacket.”


John Chvatal - WEbsite Technologist

As the Head of Web Technology at ABCI, John excels at creating and maintaining websites for our clients.

John started his web development career building a social media presence focused on the Google+ daily aviation history posts. Google managers noticed his excellent work and invited him into their Create program with other top creators around the globe.

John built his first website using Squarespace but quickly realized its limitations and switched to WordPress. He has since become a master at building websites using WordPress; he loves helping people build on “land” they own in the digital world.

John has taken his passions of computers and aviation photography to build a career he truly enjoys. He understands the aviation industry.

While John grew up on an airstrip and has always been interested in aviation (as a child he wanted to be a pilot), his greatest memory happened in 1999. He got to experience a day cruise aboard the USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier.

“Seeing the military jets launching and recovering just feet in front of me was what got me interested in aviation photography.”

Naturally, his favorite movie is Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise. The F-14 Tomcat was the star of the movie and seeing it fly in real life was very memorable.

While John doesn’t fly commercially, he still enjoys flying for fun and relaxation. And with a career closely aligned with his love of aviation, he thoroughly enjoys working and helping others in the aviation industry capture their message for the world.

Even in his free time, John is very involved in aviation activities. He volunteers at his local aviation museum (Wings of the North) and is a board member for the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame ( He also loves photographing warbird aircraft.

If you need to build, update, or maintain your aviation website, John is your person. Get in touch today.

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About John Chvatal

About John Chvatal

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