“There has been no more unforgettable memory for me than losing my job in the middle of the COVID pandemic.” I recall with a smile.

Social media manager Muhammad Ali Memon

“There has been no more unforgettable memory for me than losing my job in the middle of the COVID pandemic.” I recall with a smile.

When Muhammad lost his job, he considered becoming a freelance social media manager. With all the global lockdowns and quarantines that took place over the past few years, he faced a lot of challenges along the way. It was extremely difficult to begin the process from scratch without a mentor and a roadmap.

There is no shortcut to success, and it didn’t happen overnight. Working hard and staying focused has been the key to his success.

The time and opportunity he had during Covid gave him the opportunity to really delve into this opportunity to its fullest. In order to learn all, the ins and outs of digital media, he took courses through DigiSkills and a private institute. Within a short period of time, he felt confident enough to approach his first client.

“I remember getting my first client after a few months of working through the freelance platforms. It was only a hope I had that we would never be able to make it happen unless we worked hard, remained focused and patient to make it happen. We were able to increase the number of clients at the end of the project and we achieved a good success ratio with long-term client retention.”

As ABCI’s Social Media Manager, Muhammad works on a variety of social media posts for our clients. In addition, he creates social media templates that clients can customize and use as they see fit with their preferences.

This has evolved into a flexible and fun passion that has become a career that allows him to provide for his family. One of the dreams he has is to move with his family to the United States or Canada for the prosperity of his family’s future.

Muhammad’s favorite movies are Forest Gump and Cast Away. In his free time, he is frequently talking on the phone with his friends or researching various topics.

We live in a time where freedom, wealth and your ability to do your own thing is greater than it’s ever been. Muhammad took this literally, “If other people have done it, why not me as long as I’m willing to work for it?

My hope never fades! “The most significant thing I tell my team whenever I motivate them is that we have to persevere until the door opens. Failure is not an option for us.”

Birthday: August 8

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