As a digital nomad copywriter, “I have met amazing people and have friends all over the world. I’ve eaten some strange foods, experienced some incredible festivals, and learned a lot about different cultures.”

Stella Bouldin - Aviation Copywriter

Copywriters are critical to any digital business… they craft words to persuade readers to buy and engage with the organization. Stella is one of ABCI’s copywriters.

When her HR position was downsized in 2014, she had no idea what the future would hold. She only knew she did not want to start over in HR. A friend suggested she combine her love of travel with writing or training (two things she was really good at). She did. In 2015, she sold or gave away 90% of her possessions and moved abroad. Her family and friends all thought she was crazy, but she never regretted the decision.

For Stella, writing is not only a job skill but a passion. She learned about the art of copywriting in 2015 through AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.), one of the best resources for finding and training copywriters.

She loves the freedom to work when and where she wants. She is living the digital nomad life, traveling around the world while she is still working.

“As long as I have my laptop and an Internet connection, I can work for anywhere in the world,” she says.

Her experience includes content creation, SEO optimization, email marketing, chatbot development, video scriptwriting, sales/landing pages, and social media management. She also recently acquired skills in writing for Web3 organizations.

Her passions are writing, traveling, and her two dogs. She loves animals and spent six months volunteering at an animal rescue in Africa. Her job was to feed and support the baby elephants, giraffes, and hippos.

Stella has lived in China, S. Korea, Thailand, Ecuador, and Mexico. She has published hundreds of articles and is currently working on a book.

She reads 15-20 books a month as well! What makes a good book? One that draws the reader into the text, be it fiction or non-fiction. “I hate boring books,” she says.

If you need a copywriter who understands your target audience and draws them into your content, then get in touch.

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