Social Media Guide for Aviation Professionals

Aviation Social Media Guide for Sales and Marketing Professionals

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You’ve heard the hype.

But does social media really work for complex, high-ticket, B2B aviation marketing?

To answer this question, we have complicated products and services that can really benefit from being demonstrated online.

And you have competitors who still think social media is for teenage girls to share eye makeup techniques and funny videos of their guinea pigs.

(It is. But it HAS grown significantly beyond that!)

Authors John and Paula Williams are no strangers to the high expectations (and sometimes low margins) of FBOs, MROs, charter companies, repair stations, software companies, component makers, and doctors, lawyers and insurance professionals in the aviation industry.

The company they founded has achieved consistently high performance results for these clients.

The answer is yes.  Social media really does work.

In fact, in some ways, it works even BETTER for aviation, if it’s done correctly.

We have specialized audiences, so targeting is much more important so that we’re not wasting money advertising to the general population.

From the Forward by Best Selling Social Media Author Kim Walsh Phillips

“Like one of my celebrity coaching clients – Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary of NBC’s Shark Tank – likes to say, “It isn’t magic. It’s smart marketing.”You are in the best time ever to grow a business. Opportunity abounds and if used wisely it can skyrocket your growth. This book is the exact tool you need to get you there. In the pages that follow, Paula shares how to build an effective long game marketing campaign that will drive a prospect from not knowing anything about you to seeking a conversation and ultimately closing the sale. Paula is the leading expert in aviation marketing and she’s put together the exact blueprint you need to effectively market online.

Reviews of the 2016 Version

“This book will revolutionize how you view the power of marketing and social media.”

By Jeff Stodola

“A definite must-read for everybody in the aviation business! Tons of great information and ideas about how to create a comprehensive and long term marketing plan using social media. A warning… you’ll need a pen and paper while you’re reading this book to write down specific things you need to do for your business. Full disclosure: I’ve worked with ABCI in the past and am probably biased toward their strategies since I know how well they work. Unsolicited Review – This is totally worth the few hours of reading time.”

By Jerry Buccola

“Read this on the flight to national NBAA convention. This book is worth the few hours of reading time because it is REALLY helpful. Why? It is packed with concrete practical analysis, tips, and recommendations on implementing an effective social media presence. Highlights for me: 1) The fighter pilot checklist of Observe/Orient/Decide/Act, 2) Why Content Matters – with a half dozen effective items to include in postings, 3) LinkedIn Success Stories, 4) Why Google is Worth Evaluating. Read it. I mean it. By the way, this is an unsolicited review.

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