With a hat tip to Stephen Covey, this was just a bit ahead of his time!

This is how I fit social media into my sales cadence. Professional sales folks – how do YOU use social media effectively for the amount of time you spend?

And, out of curiosity – how much time do you spend?


The gist – Most people spend WAY too much time consuming and scrolling and sometimes “broadcasting,” but almost always way too little time listening and engaging on social media.


It’s called Social Media for a reason, right?

My recipe:


  • Three connections
  • Three thoughtful comments

This is in addition to the fairly canned “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations” that the app suggests.



  • Three Company Pages
  • Three Likes
  • Three Comments


  • Review Three Hashtags
  • Three Replies
  • Three Retweets

Total – about 45 minutes.

I do this routine (or part of it) every time I’m trapped in the car, plane or train, or waiting for something and don’t have another immediate, interruptable task available.