The thing I like best about Search Engine Optimization is that it’s one of the most helpful and least intrusive marketing methods.

To be successful, an advertisement traditionally has had to be so bold and arresting that it actually makes you stop what you’re doing and do something else. (Click a link, call a phone number, grab a pen and fill out a form, or whatever.) In David Meerman Scott’s excellent book The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Scott calls this  the “interruption technique.”

You probably remember the phrase – “We interrupt this program to bring you this important message from our sponsor.”   This usually preceded a commercial for Tide Detergent or Oscar Meyer Baloney on one of the major networks.

The interruption technique doesn’t work so well on television these days since people have the technology to skip commercials, and since we’re not all watching the four major networks, but all television advertising still depends on this technique.

The interruption technique is also used in magazines, newspapers, radio, and even an email like this one. I’m hoping you’ll find the information useful enough to make the interruption worthwhile enough to reply or click the link below!

The annoying thing about interruption marketing is that it requires a screaming headline or a shocking claim to make you actually stop driving down the road listening to the radio to pull over and write down a phone number. Or stop reading the story in the magazine you were in the middle of and pull out a cell phone. Or stop reading your email and click a link or go to a web site.

How Search Engine Optimization is Different

Search Engine Optimization is great because people only encounter your blog article, video or web page when they’re actively looking for the information you’re providing.  People go to the internet and type a phrase into Google when they’re actively seeking information. By providing links to helpful information about your subject area, product or service, you’re providing an answer to their question or problem.

Starting a relationship with a customer in this way positions you as a helpful provider of information, rather than an intrusion on their time, privacy or productivity.

Other methods of marketing are usually necessary – few companies can run their entire business solely based on connections they make through search engine optimization. It’s also necessary to have a great sales process and have a well-written site to lead your customer through it.  It’s also necessary to have a good product and a really great offer that’s better than what your competitors are offering.  It’s necessary to have excellent customer service and a good reputation for follow through.

Search Engine Optimization is especially important for aviation

The majority of the aviation companies I consult with have most of the items above, but most could do a better job of creating and optimizing content that effectively connects with customers using the search engines to look for your product or service.

Search engine optimization is especially effective in the aviation industry since much of what we do is business-to-business advertising.  People don’t have time to pay attention to your marketing messages unless they’re very well-timed and well-targeted.   Search Engine Optimization is designed to give people exactly the information they’re looking for, the instant that they need it.

Another reason it’s really great in the aviation industry is that few companies are really doing it well, with the exception of the major airlines. So it’s still a really quick and inexpensive way to get a competitive advantage.

Does marketing that uses the  “interruption technique” drive you crazy?  Does it work for you as a business person, or does it work on you as a consumer?

P.S. – The first time you do something, it’s nice to have someone look over your results & make suggestions.

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