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The Aviation Blog – Who, why, and how!

You’ve heard that blogging is a great way to market your product or service.

  • A blog gives you the opportunity to publish frequent, regular content that’s interesting or useful to your ideal customers
  • A blog lets you develop a long-term relationship with a growing audience
  • Search engines give high ranks for blogs because they publish a lot of current content about your topic

But you know that just having an aviation blog doesn’t promise all of these benefits. Your results depend on publishing a high quality, popular, engaging blog.

Wondering what aviation topics to write about, or if blogging is a good option for your company?

Follow a few aviation industry blogs for awhile and see what you like or dislike about them.

You can get some great ideas about style, content, and strategy by watching people who are already blogging successfully.

The blogs listed below all have large audiences. Following and reading them gives priceless (and free) market information, as well as an opportunity to engage with people in the industry.

You’ll notice that a great many of of these aviation blog sites center around the airline industry, but there is a lot of room in the market for blogs about business aviation, general aviation, and the “rest of the industry” in general. The first six, of course, are ABCI clients. 🙂 The rest are in no particular order.

29 Great Blogs in the Aviation Industry

  1. aviation marketing by ABCI – Marketing strategy in the Aviation industry. You’re reading it now! https://aviationbusinessconsultants.com
  2. Great Circle Aircraft – Private Aviation Market updates from Gene Clow, an experienced business jet reseller in Seattle, Washington. http://www.gcaircraft.com
  3. PilotPartner.net – Blog of Ken VeArd, private pilot and developer of the Pilot Partner elogging app for pilots. http://blog.pilotpartner.net.
  4. Francis Aviation – Articles about flying in the Southwest United States. http://www.FrancisAviation.com
  5. Summit Aviation Blog – Includes updates on FAA regulations and publications, and the implications of rule changes for various industries (airlines, aviation safety, air freight, airports, charters, etc.) http://www.SummitAviationBlog.com
  6. Vintage Aviation Photography by Aerographs – Great stories about vintage and notable aircraft and the people that fly them. Along with great photography, of course. https://www.aerographs.com/
  7. Taylor Greenwood Jet Photography – Includes tips and information about selling your aircraft, checklists for a great photo shoot, and stories about people in the industry. http://www.tayloredphoto.com/
  8. Forbes – Wheels Up – the Business of Aviation, from Cabin to Cockpit. Features articles from guest bloggers in various parts of the aviation industry. http://blogs.forbes.com/wheelsup/
  9. The Cranky Flier – Created by an airline enthusiast (known only as “Brett”) who also runs the Cranky Concierge service assisting traveling clients. http://crankyflier.com/
  10. EAA – The Experimental Aircraft Association – Emphasis on, you guessed it, experimental aircraft, and the EAA convention in Oshkosh. http://www.eaa.org/
  11. Nuts About Southwest The inside story about Southwest Airlines, including employee profiles, events, history, etc. http://www.blogsouthwest.com/
  12. FlightBlogger Jon Ostrower writes breaking news and reporting on aircraft development and production. He is widely quoted in the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, New York Times, Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun, Everett Herald, Bloomberg and Reuters. http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/flightblogger/
  13. SimpliFlying – Shashank Nigam explores issues that affect all airlines around the world. His emphasis is on airline branding and breadth of airline information is impressive. http://simpliflying.com/
  14. NYCAviation – Aviation as a spectator sport in New York City by Phil Derner Jr. They also offer hobby consulting regarding aviation enthusiasm and planespotting, aviation safety, airport security photography, and advertising. Featured frequently in the media, especially New York outlets. http://nycaviation.com
  15. The DEW Line – Distant Early Warning for the Global Defense Industry – by Stephen Trimble. Very frequent updates, including photos and video of military aircraft and innovations. http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/the-dewline/
  16. Flightstory Blog – Channel for anonymous posting by flight attendants, pilots, check-in agents, and dispatchers to tell their stories. By and for the professional pilot. http://www.flightstory.net/
  17. Randys Journal – Randy Tinseth is VP of Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle. He includes the “inside stuff” about new airplanes, marketing insights, images and photos. http://boeingblogs.com/randy/
  18. Runway Girl Mary Kirby’s blog includes airline news and chatty comments for passengers and industry folks. http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/runway-girl/
  19. Bangalore Aviation – News, views, and analysis on aviation, airlines, airports, aircraft with an emphasis on India, the middle and far East. http://www.bangaloreaviation.com/
  20. PlaneBuzz – Published by Holly Hegerman, includes news and commentary on the airline industry. http://www.planebuzz.com/
  21. JetWhine – Robert Mark of Commavia’s sometimes humorous but always insightful take on the airline industry, business aviation, air traffic control the FAA and other aviation topics. http://www.jetwhine.com
  22. Cockpit Conversation – by “Aviatrix Canada,” who discusses the career path in Canadian commercial aviation. Often humorous. http://airplanepilot.blogspot.com/
  23. My Flight Blog – The personal blog of a professional pilot who shares his story with other aspiring airline pilots through training, career path, and so on. http://www.myflightblog.com/
  24. Airplane Geeks Podcast – Max Flight, the host of The Airplane Geeks Podcast, is an “engine guy” and creator of Thirty Thousand Feet, an online aviation directory. Max is often joined by Robert Mark, Dan Webb, David Vanderhoof and a special guest each week to discuss aviation news. They also include a segment called the Airplane Geeks Down-Under Desk which discusses Australian news and commentary.
    Note- a podcast is a recorded show, similar to a radio show, delivered over the web. http://www.airplanegeeks.com
  25. Popular Science – Military, Aviation & Space – Run by the same company as the Popular Science Magazine, this blog includes news and commentary about technological innovations . http://www.popsci.com/taxonomy/term/3/0/
  26. AVWeb Podcast – More aviation news, but with more of a general aviation slant. Includes Learn to Fly Day, AOPA updates, Aviation Consumer updates, and other information. Frequent contributors include Glenn Pew, Mary Grady, and Paul Bertorelli. http://www.avweb.com/podcast/podcast/index.html/
  27. AOPA Pilot Blog – Reporting Points – Includes updates from the editors of AOPA Pilot, including general aviation news and commentary. http://blog.aopa.org/blog/
  28. Ask a CFI – Great blog for student pilots, a forum for asking questions they don’t want to ask their own CFI. Paul, a CFII MEI and AGI from Dayton Ohio and a group of dedicated flight instructors answers questions from students, and provides flight training articles. http://www.askacfi.com
  29. Golf Hotel Whisky – Online magazine and airport guide for pilots by Matthew Stibbe. http://www.golfhotelwhiskey.com

Our advice, pick two or three of these that interest you, and spend a few minutes of downtime catching up on your reading. (I always read when I’m waiting for something – waiting in line at the car wash, waiting for an airplane, etc.)

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