“Writing is thinking on paper.”   – William Zissner

Search engine optimization is the proactive website tuning activity that allows people to find your website on Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines.

This activity requires two things: one, to think like a machine, and the other, to think like a human.

There are a number of technical tasks that need to be done, and there is software that can help with some of those technical tasks.  But to be effective, search engine optimization requires a human to do some thinking, followed by some writing.

As far as I know, there is nobody who has invented a piece of software that can completely optimize a site. There are some pieces of software that handle certain tasks, some better than others. And we use many of them in our consulting practice and include many with our Do It Yourself Kit. I’m all for saving time!  But to allow a software program to optimize your site unsupervised is asking for results similar to a Bing commercial.

You’ve probably seen the advertisement for the search engine Bing:  Two women are talking before an exercise class. One is obviously pregnant, and in the conversation, she has apparently been overcome with the imaginary ailment of “Search Engine Overload,” which affects her ability to carry on a conversation:

“So did you find out what you can’t eat when you’re pregnant?”

“Pregnant panda gives birth to biggest cub born in captivity.”

“What? No, like, I heard you can’t eat a lot of fish.”

“Fly fish the Adirondacks. Let guide Eugene Kogen show you his favorite fishing holes.”

“Are you okay?”

“Oklahoma, abbreviated O.K.”

And so on . . .   I’ve tried Bing and don’t know that it shows much improvement over the other search engines, but at least they acknowledge the problem of “search overload” and mechanically imposed nonsense in their advertising. They encourage longer search strings to cut down on the confusion, but the bottom line is this: talking to a machine will never be quite the same as talking to a human being.

The English language, and every other human language, is full of innuendos, metaphors, and shades of meaning.  Search engine optimization has to meet the  needs of software- it has to help the search engines find your pages under the correct circumstances. And it also has to meet the needs of humans – to ensure that search listings, titles and descriptions are written in ways that are relevant, compelling and human to the people who are using the search engines and select one listing over another.

Machines do sell things, but unless you’re selling a can of soda and a bad sandwich in an airport in the middle of the night, effective selling, in most cases, requires an interaction between human beings.

ABCI offers two alternatives for search engine optimization – full service consulting and a Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization kit.  Either option requires a human being to do some thinking and some writing.  People ask me why I can’t just sell you a piece of software or push a single button to optimize a website. There are two reasons, which I’ve mentioned earlier, but will reiterate here because I can’t emphasize them strongly enough.

  • The English language, and every other human language, is full of innuendoes, metaphors, and shades of meaning.
  • Search listings, titles and descriptions are written in ways that are relevant, compelling and human to the people who are using the search engines.

As long as search engine optimization requires an interaction between machines (search engines) and humans (the person doing the writing and the person doing the reading) search engine optimization is going to require the mind of a writer.  And writing is a very human activity.

Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization Kit

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