The Burma Shave signs on Route 66

Classic example of series advertising - Burma Shave Signs on Route 66:

You might remember the old Burma Shave billboards – from 1925 to 1963, series of six small billboards would appear along a roadway, usually rhyming and with a punchline:

You’ve laughed / At our signs / For many a mile / Be a sport / Give us a trial / Burma-Shave

More modern companies have copied this tactic with billboards, and usually with better results than a single large one.

Series advertising works well in print and online media as well, for several reasons:

  • They get attention! (The most difficult task in marketing!)
  • The potential customer starts to look forward to the next one.
  • They establish a relationship over time – it takes time to develop an idea of needing a product, being able to afford it, picturing its use, getting questions answered, and so on.

Series don’t have to rhyme, or even be entertaining, although that’s always a plus.  They could be informative, useful, friendly, reassuring, or even scary (raising concerns about a problem your product solves.)

Series can be delivered in many media. Here are some to consider:

  • A series of small print advertisements in each issue of a magazine rather than a single large one.
  • A series of postcards rather than a long sales letter.
  • A series of blog posts rather than a static web site.
  • A series of emails (delivered by an autoresponder, if you like) rather than a single email blast.
  • A series of press releases over time to a selected group of media contacts, rather than a single “shotgun” to every publication you know.

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  • A series of newsletters
  • A series of sales letters
  • A series of case studies, white papers, press releases or product sheets.

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