Aviation Marketing Services

Concierge Service – Our most flexible marketing solution.

One month, you may need to prepare for a trade show.  Another month, you might need a direct mail campaign.  The following month, you might need to update your web site.  You might produce a quarterly newsletter, or an annual referral campaign.   Most small companies don’t have the manpower to do each of these temporary projects well.

That’s where we come in!

Our concierge service is based around a monthly consultation.

We spend an hour with you each month to understand your marketing priorities and help you balance long-term strategies with imminent opportunities.   We have the tools and skills to execute your vision with maximum impact and minimum cost. We’ll estimate hours for the projects on your list, and help you prioritize and balance to keep things rolling in the most profitable way.

Services included in our Concierge Service might include – branding, design, SEO, social media campaigns, digital marketing campaigns, Google Adwords, direct mail, product sheets, printed or online catalogs, evaluating magazine advertising opportunities, website design and development, web site hosting, sales team training, role playing, and more!

The Concierge investment does not include printing, postage or ad budget, but we’ll estimate those before we agree to move forward with each project.

There is no long-term contract, so you can increase or decrease your investment as needed to meet your needs or accommodate your cash flow situation.  We do ask for a six-month handshake agreement because we’re interested in developing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with stable clients.

Our Sales and Marketing Concierge Service is a flexible program of aviation sales and marketing experts that work on YOUR priorities to provide just the help your team needs.

Gold Level Concierge

3 hours/month + bonuses


Platinum Level Concierge

6 hours/month + bonuses


Titanium Level Concierge

12 hours/month + bonuses


Services for Aviation Sales and Marketing Professionals

sales and marketing lab

The Premier Networking Group for Aviation Sales and Marketing Professionals.

Includes our best tools, technologies and techniques designed to provide the best value for sales and marketing professionals.

Consulting powered by JETNET,  SEMRush, and LeadFeeder,  plus sales and marketing book club, networking events, private Facebook Group, mastermind groups and other amenities all designed to help aviation sales and marketing professionals be more successful.

Personal Brand

Attention to your Personal Brand Isn’t Vanity, It’s Good Judgement!

Ten years ago, the only people that had to worry about personal branding were movie stars, celebrities and job-seekers.

Things have changed!

It’s important to create a personal brand that resonates with the decision makers that are important to you in the aviation industry.

“”A La Carte”  One time aviation marketing Services

Product Icon - Website Refresh

Get found online, and connect with people who matter!

There are many ways to build a website these days. But does your website get found by the right people, illustrate why you’re the best option for the job, and capture their contact information?  If not, your website isn’t working as hard as you are!

Product Icon - Brand Refresh

Great brands continually reinvent themselves!

Is your current brand resonating with today’s customers?   Has your business (or the times!) changed so that your brand is no longer serving you as well as it could?

Product Icon - Postcards

What is the most effective way to prospect for new customers?

Postcards are up to three times more effective than email marketing and they make a great first impression!

And they’re the least expensive way to do direct mail!

Monthly aviation marketing Services

Aviation SEO

Get found on the web by aviation decision makers!

When customers are looking for a specific solution fast, they use Google and the Internet. Will they find your company, or your competitors?  One more question – does your SEO specialist speak the language of aviation?

Content Marketing

People Avoid Advertising. But they seek out information!

In a world that is increasingly saturated with advertising, aviation customers want and respect well-researched, expertly crafted articles that tell stories, explain products, and help them make intelligent decisions.

Aviation Digital Marketing

Powerful, Quick and Inexpensive.  Pick any Three

Digital marketing is a way for small companies to use big data to target your ideal customers like never before. We use social media, retargeting and other technologies to present your ads, posts and content to the right people online!

Aviation Lead Generator

Prospects Delivered to your In-Box, and Assistance Closing Sales!

This one-of-a-kind sales and marketing program is designed to provide all the technology, strategic and tactical assistance your team needs to SELL MORE aviation related products and services.

Capture the “Not Ready Yets” with a low-cost, low-risk Next Step! Of the people who visit your website, the vast majority are not ready to make a purchase decision.  In fact, business to business buyers do 70% of their research online before they ever contact a salesperson!

They could be just starting their research. They might need to ask for approval. They might need to wait for next quarter’s budget.  But, they’re seeking information NOW.

How can you meet that need, and make sure you have the best intel to respond to them when the ARE ready to buy?

Trade Show Prep & Follow Up

You put a lot into your trade show appearances.  But are you getting enough out of them?

Getting the best return on investment for a trade show appearance depends on thorough research before and disciplined follow up after the trade show.  And most aviation companies don’t follow up nearly enough to maximize their return on investment from all that time and money they put into a trade show or conference appearance!

Who has time for these tasks?  We collaborate with you to create a plan, then we execute it to ensure everything gets done.

We can help you set and meet a reasonable objective, do the pre-show planning, create invitations, a press release, follow up call outlines and role playing, and a 90-day follow up after the show.

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