What is Aviation MarketingWhat is aviation marketing?

How is it different from other types of marketing, like retail, real estate, or automobiles?

There are three main differences between aviation and the “rest of the world:”

  • A specialized vocabulary and culture
  • More complex transactions.
  • Longer sales cycles

A Specialized Vocabulary and Culture

Aviation marketing has some elements in common with other industries, like the luxury market, high-end products and services,

Aviation attracts people who love science, machinery, power and flight.  People involved with aviation have spent months or years in specialized training.

Therefore, that training imparted a specific vocabulary and a culture of checklist-driven procedures.

The terms and habits have become ingrained in aviation industry professionals.  They apply these checklists when they’re flying or maintaining aircraft.  They also apply checklists to other business processes, like making purchasing decisions.

More Complex Transactions

Many factors affect aviation transactions more than in other industries.

Deciding which airplane, piece of equipment, product or service to buy depends on a dizzying array of factors including mission profile,operating environment, personnel and resources available!

Transactions are more complex than in most other industries.  Aviation decision makers have a huge book of regulations to take into account for nearly any decision. In the United States, these are called FARs, or Federal Aviation Regulations set by the FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration.  Outside of the US, other regions our countries have similar regulatory bodies.

These regulations dictate who can purchase or operate aircraft under what conditions.

Other factors that complicate transactions include the size and number of people and entities involved with each transaction.

Longer Sales Cycles

All of this, plus large transaction size, means each transaction takes a long time to close.

The average we’ve seen among our clients is about eight months.  It can take longer for aircraft brokers, airport  building contractors and large equipment dealers.  Shorter for smaller and simpler products and services.

Aviation sales and marketing professionals can be more successful by establishing their authority, credibility and expertise markers. 

Sales and marketing pros also gain an advantage when they develop a library of content to educate and inform prospects a little at a time over the course of a long relationship.

Maintaining long-term relationships is key to profitability in the aviation industry.  This is important because second and subsequent transactions require a lot less trust-building and education.

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