Quality aviation marketing materials, and evergreen content and campaigns – are not THAT much harder or more expensive than just getting by – but it does require a change of mindset.

There is a mindset in sales and marketing about “just getting through this,” – this trade show, this holiday campaign, this current situation.

What do cowboy hats, fountain pens, and expensive laptops have to do with marketing materials?

It doesn’t pay to go cheap with something you use a lot.  Quality is a good investment!

Couple of notes to supplement the video:

What is Evergreen Content? 

We have some very OLD articles on our website (and on the websites of our clients) that get lots of traffic YEARS after they were published. These articles are called “evergreen” because they keep working.   Some of this content is very timely or based on current technology, but some of these topics are timeless.  We work to create at least one timeless or “evergreen” piece per month.

How can you use aviation marketing materials over and over again? 

If you build a great sales letter, there is no reason you can’t send it to new prospects – they haven’t seen it yet, and as sales and marketing professionals, we get tired of materials LONG before they cease to be effective.

While it’s important to have consistently fresh angles and insights, you CAN invest in a great structure, and simply refresh a few details on a sales piece that has a reliable track record.

What is a resuable campaign?

You create a great multimedia ad campaign for Valentine’s Day.  It has a great print ad, three emails, a printed postcard to follow up on responses, and a series of social media posts.

Why not take that WHOLE structure of a proven campaign, lock stock and barrel, and refresh the graphics and text for Halloween?

Why invest in quality?

Because it works!  Quality products are a pleasure to use. Quality marketing materials give you confidence in using and reusing them.