Three Ways Aviation Professionals can Use a Retargeting or Recapture campaign to sell more stuff!

We’ll talk about:

  • Low Tech retargeting!  No tech skills needed!
  • Example Retargeted Campaign  – Swipe & Deploy
  • Our Favorite Web Retargeting Tools – Which are worth the money? (We compare Adroll and Perfect Audience with the pros and cons of each.)

We answer great questions from participants as well!

Note – I am actually using the Valentine’s Day Recapture campaign outlined in this video – results reported below.

Recapture Campaign – Results

So, I promised to report to the group on our Valentine’s Day Recapture Campaign, thought this might be helpful to those of you who also struggle with sales calls.

Score card – 2/16/2017

4/20 or 20% response! And we’re not done yet . . .
Interim Report – The Gory Details:

February 7- Sent Packages

Sent Valentine’s day packages to 20 “lost’ customers we haven’t worked with in over a year.

February 15 -Early Responses

  • Received one referral from a person who received a package (Coincidence? I don’t THINK so!)
  • Got a call from another package recipient who asked a technical question, then asked us for a recommendation on how to fix a problem with his website. Analysis and recommendations in progress. . . .

February 16 -Sales Calls, Round 1

  • Made calls to the 20 package recipients to set up consultation appointments.  Left 15 voicemail + email messages
  • Talked with 3 human beings, 2 completely unreachable/unfindable.
  • 5 bounced emails, people apparently no longer working where they were when they were clients.
  • One found via LinkedIn, sent a message.
  • Eliminated 5 companies/contacts from the list because they have merged, been acquired, or our contact is no longer there.
  • Received 2 responses with requests to set up a consultation.