Is your aviation website a Hangar Queen?Why is it important for an aviation website to be in good shape?

Although aviation companies may be strapped for cash in this economy, the best ones prioritize their use of funds and resources to ensure that their aircraft are in top-notch condition. (Not just in accordance with the regs – but appearance as well!)

The companies that are doing the best financially are also the ones who devote the funds and resources to keep their facilities, marketing materials and their online presences in top-notch condition as well.

One  could argue that those that are doing well financially can afford to keep their marketing materials in top-notch condition, but one could also argue it is more of a chicken-and-egg discussion. It’s usually necessary to make the investment to inspire confidence and attract high-quality clients.

I’m sure you’ve seen aviation websites like this –  You can’t find it unless you have the exact domain name written down.  It takes three clicks or more to find the contact information.  There is no form to request more information. The information listed more accurately represents the company’s business model of three years ago.

Website refreshIf a corporate website looks like the online equivalent of the airplane pictured here, potential clients make assumptions, right or wrong, about they way they run their company, service their aircraft, and take care of their customers. Such business owners typically argue they don’t have the money, or the time, or the interest in maintaining these things.  Fine.  One wonders if they are as reluctant to invest the money, time and interest necessary to maintain their aircraft!

We regularly turn down business from people who ask us to do “just an email blast” or “just a brochure” if the rest of their marketing isn’t up to par.


Because it’s a waste of our time and their money, and we can’t afford to be associated with a campaign that doesn’t work. H

Just as there are more economical ways to keep your aircraft and your facilities properly maintained and visually appealing, there more economical ways to keep your marketing system properly maintained and functional.

You don’t need to go hire a website designer for a quarter of a million dollars, as some of our clients had done in the past.

An integrated, results-oriented marketing program that keeps your website, social media profiles, and printed materials in high-performance working order is not as expensive as you might think.

Just as you choose an aircraft that is affordable to maintain, your marketing system should include a website that non-programmers can keep up to date and a clean design that will work on various gadgets and won’t “go out of style” with the next change in technology.  Your marketing campaigns should be designed to attract a predictable pipeline of qualified leads that you can convert to clients and customers over the long haul.  And your marketing program should include regular coaching so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest tools, technologies and techniques used by other aviation companies.

Don’t let your website or marketing materials lose a prospective client’s confidence in your company before they even meet you! Let us get your marketing system up to speed soon. We can make dramatic improvements in 30-90 days.


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