From Sesame Street to Sims – the Connection between Marketing, Education and Aviation!

You don’t have to talk like a giant yellow bird on helium to get the attention of potential buyers.

But under the right circumstances, we’re not above learning some interesting lessons from one!

00:00[Opening] Hi, I’m Paula Williams with ABCI. Today, let’s explore the intriguing connection between education and marketing, especially as we approach National Education Day. At ABCI, while we specialize in marketing, we also focus heavily on creating educational courses for our clients.

01:15[Education and Marketing Synergy] I want to share with you how closely linked education and marketing really are. Take, for instance, Sesame Street’s revolutionary approach to children’s literacy using marketing techniques like catchy jingles and colorful visuals.

02:00[ABCI’s Educational Marketing Strategy] In our courses at ABCI, we apply similar principles, tailored for adult learning. This includes making content visually appealing, keeping segments short, interactive, and even a bit of gamification to make the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

05:04[Practical Applications in Aviation] Let’s talk about how we’ve put these ideas into practice, particularly in aviation. We’ve worked on FAA-approved courses for aircraft technicians and incorporated simulation-based learning in flight schools, blending marketing with practical education.

03:15[ABCI’s Philosophy] At ABCI, we see ourselves as educators first. Through our marketing and social media efforts, our goal is to provide informative content that helps people make better choices, often leading them to our clients.

04:20[Conclusion] As National Education Day approaches, I wanted to highlight this vital link between marketing and education. Stay tuned for more on this topic in our upcoming discussions.