Like most marketing tactics, people tend to expect way too much, AND way too little, of any particular marketing tool or tactic.

In spite of all the hype, content is merely a means to an end.  It’s the best way to accomplish MANY sales and marketing tasks –

  • Attracting leads and prospects
  • Smoothing the way for an approach
  • Building rapport and trust
  • Educating and entertaining prospects and customers
  • Helping to close the deal
  • Easing the onboarding process
  • Getting resales, recaptures and referrals.

Whether it’s successful or not depends, most often, on how well it was planned and targeted.

Mediocre content that hits the right people at the right time gets the job done MUCH better than perfect content sent to the wrong people, in the wrong format or at the wrong time.

So, in this workshop, we talk about planning and executing content perfectly.

Aviation Content Marketing Workbook