You’re running an FBO.

What changes should you be making to make use of new tools and techniques, and what are the timeless principles of marketing that remain the same?

John and I discuss . . .

00:00 – Emerging Trends in FBO Marketing

00:38 – Content is the Best SEO Strategy

01:15 – Content Marketing is the Best Overall Marketing Strategy

01:47 – “Gated Content” is not a great strategy anymore

02:10 – AI Generate Content

02:35 – Using Chat GPT to brainstorm questions for an FAQ

03:14 – Steps to Refine AI Generated Content

03:32 – Human Beings are Still The Best Editors

04:56 – Augmented or Virtual Reality Tours

05:10 – Catering to First-Time Private Flyers

05:47 – Video Tours

07:26 – Employee Profiles

10:15 – Video Quality Matters

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