Many of our clients have been getting solicitations from SEO vendors that are, shall we say, somewhat less than credible.

So, we talk about how SEO really works, and legitimate, sustainable ways for FBOs to achieve it.

00:00 Why FBOs should invest in SEO.

00:48 Email spam from SEO companies

01:44 Why is SEO so mysterious?

02:42 Why SEO (done properly) is still a good investment for FBOs

03:38 Optimize for the services you provide

05:04 The Best Way to Optimize

05:54 Think like a customer – what are they looking for?

07:15 Think about how your location is described by locals and NON-locals!

08:15 Why a longer list of keywords is better – get listed in multiple categories!

09:05 Don’t use sneaky or underhanded SEO tactics

09:35 Use great content, new content, and multimedia content

09:45 Wrap up & Summary

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