I mentioned to on Facebook  (via Twitter) that I was working on an aviation marketing postcard campaign.  My friend Amit mentioned how postcards are the old snail-mail micro-blogging.

Postcards = Snail Twitter!  I love it.

Postcards = Snail Twitter

Postcards = Snail Twitter

Aviation Postcard Tip SheetActually, as a marketing consultant I’ve been getting away from printed forms of advertising,  marketing and PR lately simply because they’re cost-prohibitive for a lot of my clients, who have to get the very best return on investment.    Lately, social media and search engine work has been a better marketing method simply because of the low cost.

But I’ve always liked postcards and still do.  It adds “real world, ”  tangible legitimacy to a campaign and draws attention to your website and other online media without a lot of cost.  It also prevents the problem with a lot of mail – people don’t bother to open the envelopes of anything but bills!   But an eye-catching postcard doesn’t need to be opened to get the message across.

So, here’s an endorsement for the humble postcard (snail-twitter!)  from a hard-core social media junkie.

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