I’m sure you’ve heard this old saying before, but you’d be amazed how many people in the aviation industry stick with the same old tactics –

  • Magazine ads that generate no discernible new business.
  • Email broadcasts that garner less than a 2% click through rate (and often zero in sales revenue.)
  • Trade show appearances that generate an exhausting but short-term flurry of activity, only to find that few sales were made when the dust clears.

Aviation Marketing Master Class - Free Storage BinderWe learned marketing in the finance and high-tech industries, where every dollar is scrupulously accounted for.   When we started applying these principles to aviation, we were amazed at how few aviation companies create a marketing system that generates a reliable pipeline of leads and new business.

We were also astonished by how much money is “left on the table” in an industry where more than 50% of the revenue comes from resells, recaptures, and referrals, yet many companies don’t have a formal system to keep in touch with their old customers – the source of all three of these types of sales.

Aviation Marketing Master Class - Free storage binderIt makes sense, because we’re all busy putting out fires and doing more with less staff.  That’s why we created the aviation marketing Master Class – to help our clients learn from our consulting experience and “swipe and apply” many
of these methods quickly and cost-effectively.

You get the benefits of our consulting experience
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