Here’s a question we received AFTER our LinkedIn webinar this week- it’s a good one, and I wish we had included in the session!

“Is it worth upgrading an account to LinkedIn Business, Business Plus or Executive?”

But, better late than never,  here’s the answer now.

Although I’m sure the folks that work at LinkedIn would disagree, my opinion is no, it’s not worth upgrading an account to LinkedIn Business or any of the premium options.

Is it worth upgrading an account to LinkedIn Business

Here’s why:

The primary benefit of those paid, premium accounts is that you are able to send “out of network” emails (they call them “InMails”) and ask for introductions.

If there’s someone you want to connect with that you’re not connected to now, you can simply join a group they belong to and begin interacting with them in that way, or find a person that you have in common. Seek out someone from their company at a trade show or other function, and ask for an introduction.

It is more genuine and impressive to invest the time and courage, rather than the money, to connect with the people you want to connect with. And aviation is such a “small world” when it comes down to it that it’s worth the time to build your network “the hard way.”

Agree? Disagree? We’d like to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

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