As you know, content marketing is nothing more than great storytelling in your marketing materials.

A master storyteller in the aviation industry, Robert Mark will be joining us for our monthly webinar – the topic – Aviation Content Marketing – how to communicate “your story” to the people that matter to you!

Executive Brief - Content Marketing - Panel Discussion.003

Bring your questions – here are a few that we’re starting with:

  • What do you advise aviation companies when approached by the media?
  • How should marketing reps and/or company owners approach the media when they have a great story?
  • What does “newsworthy” mean?
  • Sometimes the difference between a good story and a bad one is how you tell it.  How can you improve the “newsworthiness” and interest in a story?
  • What are your pet peeves? What should you NOT do with reporters and/or the media?

Robert Mark is the publisher of the popular aviation blog, an editor at AIN Safety Week, a host of the Airplane Geeks podcast, (which is hysterical, by the way)  and the CEO of Commavia, and has been quoted widely in aviation-related news stories. He’s done product demo video voiceovers for ABCI because of his fabulous radio voice, and he’s the guy that the media call (or should call) when they have a question. If they did that more often, the news might have a better chance of actually being accurate.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)