Recent business bestselling business books Blink (Malcolm Gladwell) and Thinking Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahneman) reinforce the age-old theory that first impressions are incredibly important.


Professionals who meet with clients in an office setting give a lot of thought to the first impression they make with clients.


To that end, they put a lot of thought into choosing the right area of town, even down to selecting the zip code or street address.


First impressions of prospective clients or partners are influenced as they arrive for a first meeting. They subconsciously form an opinion as they enter the lobby of the building. They are developing an opinion in a reception area. Finally, and perhaps most personally, they evaluate the office environment, and the desk, of the person they’re meeting with.


The Importance of Choosing a Desk


An impressive mahogany executive desk has always been de rigueur for an attorney. A high-tech professional may use a high-tech standing desk in glass or composite materials. But what kind of desk does an aviation professional use? Particularly for a professional involved with aviation law, insurance or consulting?


Most professionals spend more time than they’d like in the office, working at a desk. It’s equally important to a successful professional that they find their environment enjoyable and inspiring. So a desk that speaks to a passion for aviation is a quintessential part of the office.


Many of the aviation-themed desks on the market have been out of step with a traditional professional environment. Large metal aircraft components are a novelty, but the scale and utility of these pieces may not contribute to a harmonious office plan.


Flight Level Furnishings has a solution. The Flight Level Signature Desk is a functional, customizable piece of custom furniture. It also instantly brings to mind the miracle of flight. It includes the ribbed structure of an early aircraft wing. The classic airfoil shape forms the body of the desk, and includes evocative details such as anti-drag wires, spars and visible ribs.

Flight Level Furnishings designs and crafts each desk for the customer. They choose a size that fits the space, and craft the desk from wood species in a finish that harmonizes with the rest of the office environment. The glass top is mounted with a motorized lift system. The professional using the desk can stand for phone calls, or sit for detailed writing tasks.


Expert Opinions


“It’s a gorgeous piece of art,” said aviation enthusiast and law firm partner Drew Coats, of Coats & Evans Aviation Law, P.C. “I really like the customized touches. I really like the mechanism that transforms it from a traditional desk to a standing configuration. The thoughtful customization is quite creative. Randy finds unique ways to manage computer cables and power cords that integrate with the design so that it’s a pleasure to use.”


“These are really high-end, custom art pieces. This is not analogous to retail furniture or aviation-themed accessories you might see in different retail chains or pilot shops,” said Coats. He described Randy Woodcock (the artisan behind Flight Level Furnishings) as detail-oriented but a pleasure to work with. “It’s unusual to find people involved with aviation that don’t have strong feelings about it. Aviation is in Randy’s blood.”


The combination of a passion for aviation and skill with high-end furnishings is unusual.


“I’ve seen and handled this piece,” said Will Fuller of Acacia Original Commercial Furnishings. “I’d want this desk long before any other themed furniture I’ve seen. This piece is not intended to be just on display, it’s meant for someone who wants this to be their main workstation.”


For perspective, Fuller has reason to know good woodwork when he sees it. “We build furniture for boardroom environments, high five figures and six figures for a single piece of furniture. We have a very demanding client base that have very high expectations of us . . . I’d feel very comfortable putting this piece in that type of office environment.” He says of his company, Acacia Original Commercial Furnishings.

Position Orders


Flight Level Furnishings is currently accepting “position orders” for a limited edition of twenty unique executions of the Flight Level Signature Wing Desk.


Just as a buyer places a position order with Gulfstream or Dassault for a custom private jet and selects the configuration, furnishings and paint; the buyer of a Signature Wing Desk has the opportunity to select size, options for the motorized uplift function, handling of electronics for computer and lighting options, wood species, and finish.


Woodcock works with the buyer, designer and/or architect to provide control samples of selected materials to ensure harmonious integration with the office environment.


About Flight Level Furnishings

Randy Woodcock of Flight Level Furnishings creates fine furniture pieces that combine wood, metal, glass, and colors for home, office or commercial décor. A passion for aviation, craftsmanship, and architectural finishing is included in each design. Flight Level Furnishings is located in Montgomery, Texas, and can be reached at 281-639-6397, online at, and can be found on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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