aviation freelance writersCurrently closed – (8/7/2017)

Thanks for the responses –

We received 16 applications via email and LinkedIn

Of those, we received five proposals (that followed the instructions below)

Of those, we assigned three paid interviews

Of those, two have completed the assignment and will receive more.

Thanks for your your efforts – there are lots of fantastic and impressive writers out there!

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We’re looking for aviation freelance writers who can create press releases, articles and blog posts for aviation industry clients. Is this you?

  • I’m a “native speaker” of the language of aviation.
  • I’ve had my writing published regularly in aviation or related publications
  • I’m personable and don’t mind participating in interviews on camera on GoToMeeting with interview subjects.
  • I’m able to articulate ideas clearly, ask good questions, get good quotes, and be clear and concise.
  • I’m a great researcher.
  • I’m willing to ghostwrite for aviation industry executives and/or write under my own byline.
  • I’m willing and able to write about four 500-800 word articles per month, given audience, purpose, interview subjects and subject matter sources.
  • I’m able to meet reasonable deadlines (once I’ve agreed to a deadline, I’ll meet it!)
  • I’m willing to write for $250 per article.

$100 Paid Interview for Aviation Freelance Writers – Please read instructions!

We don’t want to waste your time or ours! To get to know one another, choose a topic below and send me a message with your selected topic and deadline and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Suggested Topics for the Paid Interview –

  • Why should aviation companies publish more content?
  • What’s changed about aviation marketing in the last (three, five, or ten) years?
  • Should Aviation CEOs be on Twitter? (Or Facebook? Or Instagram?)
  • Or, propose a topic for this audience. (ABCI’s blog – www.AviationBusinessConsultants.com)

Note – We write material that highlights our clients products and services and the need for them, so the writer(s) we hire will be the ones that do that best! (The client, for the purpose of this interview, is ABCI. The audience is aviation sales and marketing pros and C-level execs, and the purpose is to sell our Content Marketing subscription.

Please don’t write the article yet!

We’re choosing four applications for “paid interviews” in August.

Let us know which topic you’ve picked and a deadline you’ve chosen for yourself. If your application is accepted, we’ll probably use the article on our blog!

If we like your writing and we all like working together, we’ll assign additional articles and list you as one of ABCI’s aviation writers!

If not, we’ll let you know we don’t think it’s a good fit, pay you the $100 for the finished article anyway, and part as friends.  (Articles become property of ABCI upon payment.)

Sound like a plan?

Send your proposal to [email protected], subject line – Freelance Aviation Writer App…