This year at #NBAA19, video was EVERYWHERE. There were big screens all over the convention center, and NBAA had video crews roaming the aisles accosting convention-goers for opinions for NBAA’s own TV Channel!  Obviously, aviation video marketing has officially become “a thing.”

Aviation promo videos are everywhere. And for good reason – has become the most effective advertising medium, but many don’t know what to make a video ABOUT.

And some of us have team members that are camera-shy.

Can we still use this powerful medium?

How do you visually represent your product or service in the most effective way?

We have three effective video flight plans to get you started creating video, whether you produce video in-house, hire a professional videographer and video production company, or favorite – use our Content Marketing subscription to make it easy.

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Transcript – Three Flight Plans for Effective Aviation Promo Videos

Paula Williams: Welcome to this week’s episode. This week we’re talking about Aviation Promo Videos, Three Winning Flight Plans.

John Williams:  Cool.

Aviation Promo VideosPaula Williams: Cool. So this episode is being brought to you by our Content Marketing program, and actually you can choose videos as your content in this program. So some people choose to do one long article with lots of citations and other things, not like airplane citations, but like document citations-

John Williams:  Attributions.

Paula Williams: Attributions and other things.

So one well-researched, good article, or you may choose four short videos, there’s lots of things that you can do with our content marketing program.

Basically what it is is we sit with you, we talk about what you need, we brainstorm some ideas that are going to be the most effective material to reach your customers, and fit the problems in your sales situation.

John Williams:  Typically we sit with you virtually.

Paula Williams: Sit with you virtually, yeah, usually over Zoom, teleconferencing, and things like that to brainstorm these ideas, and then we execute those ideas for you, and put those together. So video is one of the options in our content marketing program, and a lot more people are using a lot more video than when we started this program a few years ago when it was all articles and text was king, right?

John Williams:  Yes.

Text and Video – The Best of Both Worlds!

Paula Williams: In search engine optimization and all that. But things have changed.

John Williams:  That’s another thing, so if text goes away, or is not king in here, but it still is on phones.

Paula Williams: Yeah. Which is interesting. But you know, that’s a whole nother story. And often when we do video, we can also do a transcript. So we end up with words anyway. Okay. So why video?

John Williams:  Because people don’t have a long attention span, and they don’t like to read.

Video is Everywhere These Days!

Aviation promo videos - your prospects are watching video!Paula Williams: Right, exactly. And video is everywhere nowadays. Every social media, every device, everybody is really capable of receiving video. Even if they weren’t a couple of years ago, they’re not social media users. Okay.

Well they do watch YouTube likely, or they didn’t have a smart phone of a couple of years ago, but now they do.

You almost can’t get away from it, right? And waiting in line for something. You end up watching YouTube videos or whatever.

John Williams:  On a bus or who knows.

Paula Williams: Exactly. So 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter, and actually Twitter is kind of new, or video is kind of new to Twitter. It used to be just little bits of text, and now you look at my Twitter feed, and it’s probably, a third of it is videos.

John Williams:  Wow.

Paula Williams: Yeah, and two thirds text, so it’s much different than it was a year ago. YouTube has over a billion users, almost one third of total internet users use YouTube. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.

It adds up, and it’s not all cat videos either. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. Part of that is because now people are actually watching movies on YouTube. They’ve got some subscription services and things like that where people are watching entire movies, and it’s replacing their TV.

Some people are cutting the cable and just using a YouTube subscription. 87% of online marketers use video content. So this is not all movies and cat videos and things like that.

Views on branded video content have increased 258% on Facebook, and 99% on YouTube as of June, 2017, so it’s two year old data, but we, it’s actually a little more credible than what I could find for 2019. 2018 is just barely over. Well, as far as data systems are concerned, so I’m sure it is more than that now.

Paula Williams: Over the last year we’ve seen such an increase in the number of our aviation industry and b2b customers who are wanting to use video, and are getting good results from it. Okay. Speaking of results, so you know people are obviously watching it, but are they getting results? Social video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined. 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Part of that is because it’s trackable.

Just think of all those airline safety videos that have had more than one million views.  Obviously, somebody other than me is watching all of this!

You can see that people came to you from a video and then made a purchase. So you can track them all the way through that process, which is kind of cool.

John Williams:  So 12 times, does that mean 1,200%?

Paula Williams: 12 times more shares. So one versus 12, you know, a static image would get one share-

John Williams:  100 percent would be two.

Paula Williams: Right. So that’s a hundred, that’s 1,200%. is that right? Yeah.

You’re the mathematician. Okay. yeah. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Consumers are 64% more likely to make a purchase from a brand. After watching branded social videos. I’ve done that. I have watched a video on a product and then purchased it.

The socks I’m wearing right now, Bombas, if you’ve ever seen one of their social videos, they talk about donating to homeless shelters and they also talk about the fact that they have no toe seam. That’s like one of my biggest pet peeves is having a seam across your toe knuckles. There’s no reason for that, and these socks don’t have toe knuckles seams. So, anyway.

John Williams:  We’ll see if anybody catches my math error.

Paula Williams: Okay. Did we make an error?

John Williams:  Keep going.

Video Works!

Aviation promo videos - video marketing gets results!Paula Williams: Okay, cool. 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.

And this is not because they are stupid. It is because they are lazy, or because they have so many other things to do that they don’t want to expend more energy than they need to getting them the the information they want. That’s the smart way-

John Williams:  You can’t just slap a video out there, you buy their time, seven seconds at a time.

Paula Williams: Exactly. That is absolutely true. So it has to be an effective video, and we’re going to talk about that too. Okay.

What If I Don’t Want to Be On Camera?  Or if I Can’t Get My Boss or Team On Camera?Aviation promo videos - even if you (or your boss) is camera-shy

Now a lot of people are going to say, I don’t want to be on video. In fact, almost every one of our clients have said that at one point or another.

John Williams:  Me too.

Paula Williams: I know. And here we, we are.

John Williams:  Here we are.

Paula Williams: Because it’s so effective. But there are ways to do it without you being on video, and if you absolutely do not want to be on video, you absolutely do not need to be on video. Or maybe you are an aviation consulting company that doesn’t have a really visible product you can throw in front of the camera and demonstrate, right? So, some guidance might be in order.

John Williams:  Of course.

What is Video Marketing? (What is an Aviation Promo Video?)

Aviation promo videos - what are some of the ways to produce a video? Paula Williams: Okay, so what is video marketing? A lot of people think that it’s this, having the 60 Minutes camera crew invade your office, and having to do makeup and lighting and sound, and have all this equipment. There are so many new digital video formats!

John Williams:  And you can do that.

Shoot Live Promo Videos

Paula Williams: And you can absolutely do that. And there is nothing wrong with doing a very professional, well-produced video and there’s a time and a place for that.

John Williams:  In fact, we have done not quite that extent on the hardware, but we’ve done similar things for people. Absolutely.

The Ken Burns Effect – Using Still Images to create Aviation Promo Video

Aviation promo videos - without "live" videoPaula Williams: Okay. There are also other ways of doing this.

If you have ever watched Ancient Aliens or any show on the History channel, you will notice they do this a lot. This this called the Ken Burns effect.

They have some historical subject where there is no video, right of a topic, but they have to make it interesting or they have to make it exciting.

So what they do is they take still photographs or documents or whatever, and they use what they call the Ken Burns effect to pan the camera over to one thing and maybe blow it up a little and it makes it much more engaging than just a still photo and it’s really artistic.  A  good idea for an aviation consulting firm or someone that is talking about concepts or history.

So for video marketing for aviation, you’d take a vintage photo or even a document and pan across it.

Aviation promo videos - cartoons or animationsIt’s actually pretty interesting when I find myself getting into a TV show, and I’m going, we’re just looking at a bunch of photographs, and you don’t realize it until… because you’re so involved in the subject.

Animation or Slides for Promo Videos

Paula Williams: Okay. You can use animation for a video campaign. There is software that does that much better now than they did a couple years ago. Yeah, of course. Okay. So there’s lots of ways to do this. What we want to do is not get you up on the tools and do get you hung up on the story that you’re trying to sell.

Right? So how to make a successful video form follows function. Who said that? Yeah, Frank Lloyd Wright. Right. Okay. The corollary when it comes to video marketing, which Frank Lloyd Wright was not around for, but if he had been around for four, it the story matters more than the tools you use to tell it.

Aviation promo videos - how to make a successful videoOf course. Okay. So if you can’t afford a monstrous video crew or you don’t have time for that or whatever, if you can tell a good story or if we can help you outline a good story, then we can find a way to tell it using video that’s much more compelling than mere text.

Three Flight Plans – Use Any Video Tool You Like To Tell The Story

Paula Williams: Right. Okay. So let’s talk about three different promo videos, flight plans, flight plans for, for promo videos that you can use. These are suitable for any industry. So whether you’re a broker or a charter company or a insurance guy or girl, or a contract pilot or-

Aviation Promo Videos - Three Winning Flight Plans.010John Williams:  Whatever.

Paula Williams: Whatever. Yeah, whatever your profession, you can use all of these examples. You can find a way. And trust me, if you can’t, we can. So give us a call, we’ll sit down and we’ll brainstorm some ideas with you.

Okay. So the first one is the state of the industry or the status report. What is the question that people ask you when you tell them what you do at parties? When somebody walks up to John at a party and says, what do you do? And you say aviation consulting, and they say-

John Williams:  No, I say I work for you.

The “State of the Industry” or Status Report

Aviation promo videos -"state of hte industry" reportPaula Williams: Oh yeah, I guess that’s true. Okay, but then what question do they ask you when you say you work in aviation consulting?

John Williams:  Really?

Paula Williams: Is that going up or down? How is business, you know, is it, how’s business this year? How is the latest political whatever affecting your business, you know, it’s some version of what’s going on. Right?

Exactly. So giving a state of the industry or a status report is a really good way to answer that question and tell people, you know, this is what’s going on in, in our industry and position you as I really do work in this industry and I really do know what’s going on.




Establish Credibility And Become A Source of  Convenient Industry Information

Okay. Second, the behind the scenes view at your company, this is how we make the magic happen. You may not want to tell them all of how you make the magic happen-

John Williams:  No, you don’t give them the secret sauce, but you give them the what, not the how.

Paula Williams: Credibility. Exactly, the transparency and the credibility so that they know, okay, well I know something more about how this works, so I’m going to go with this company because I know how they do business, as opposed to that company which keeps everything all behind the curtains and mysterious, right? Okay. And then the third one is the question and answer video, which can be one question or several, but I’ll give you some examples from our clients.

So the first one is conveying industry knowledge with status reports that aren’t boring. And Gene Clow of GC Aircraft are great.  Gene is probably the best I know of at this. He does a “State of the Jet Resale Market, Private Jet Resale Market” report every month, and it’s great because he explains what’s going on and he talks through, and we actually just started doing videos that used to be that he would put this out in text, and didn’t get a whole lot of engagement.

Paula Williams: But then we started doing these cartoony and these are all animated. So you know, Gene doesn’t show up on video. I’m trying to get him to show up on video. So Gene, if you’re watching, we definitely need to do this, but you are proof positive that we can be effective not using your face right video. Exactly. Okay. And he’s always done cartoons to demonstrate certain facts and things like that. So we’re going to show you the August business jet market update, which is I think a great way of demonstrating what’s going on.

John Williams:  Exactly.

The “Behind the Scenes ‘How and Why’ Video

Aviation promo videos - the "behind the scenes" or "how to" videoPaula Williams: Okay, cool. Next. Okay. The second way, the second flight plan for an aviation promo video is the behind the scenes view. And this is one of our favorite rock stars, Jordan Gallant from Turbines Inc., Demonstrating a dye penetration test. Now I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a dye penetration test in real life, and I’ve never really understood why it’s important or how it works.

John Williams:  I have.

Paula Williams: Have you? Okay.

John Williams:  Yeah. Dye penetration tests, they used to watch those quite frequently in the military.

Paula Williams: Cool. But I think there’s probably a lot of people that have never seen one.

John Williams:  Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Paula Williams: And in this video, and it’s just an 11 minute, almost 12 minute video, but he shows some key items that he can detect, and shows how it’s done. And you get to see Turbine’s facility for this. They’ve got a dark room, which a lot of their competitors don’t have for doing the dye penetration tests. And he explains how that’s important and explains what he uses and it’s just really, really fascinating.


Jordan:             Okay, we’re in the NDT room . . .

John Williams:  Or he could even do this, without your face.

Paula Williams: Exactly. You could just do your hands like they do in a lot of the cooking shows.

Paula Williams: Okay. If you wanted to do one of these and you didn’t want to be on camera, you can do that as well. You could be behind the camera, giving a tour of your facility,

John Williams:  Or you could even do this, without your face.

Paula Williams: Yeah. Exactly. You know, you could just do your hands like they do in a lot of the cooking shows. There’s a lot of ways of doing this. Or let’s say you do insurance or taxes or something like that. You could go through like a dummy portfolio and say here’s the process that I go through, and just use maybe the Ken Burns effect on the documents, and just say here’s some important pieces that we’re looking for, and why this is important.

John Williams:  Yup.

Aviation promo videos - the "question and answer" videoPaula Williams: Okay, so that’s the behind the scenes view.

The ‘Question and Answer’ Video

The third flight plan for aviation promo videos is the question and answer. And this one is from Aerostar, and there are 10 steps to becoming an airline pilot.

So a lot of people ask them how long is it going to take, how much is it going to cost?

What the process of becoming an airline pilot?

So they go through this…


Paula Williams: Okay. So thank you for joining us. And once again, this episode was brought to you by our content marketing program.

It’s the most cost-effective way to produce really compelling content (including aviation promo videos!) that your customers will love.

Aviation promo videos - use ABCI's Content Marketing ProgramAnd if you are at a loss still, which you might be, as to how you can use video, promo videos to promote your aviation company, that is what we do all day, every day, and we certainly have some ideas for you. So we do free consultations, give us a call, (702) 987-1679, or click the button on our website and schedule a free consultation.

John Williams:  Absolutely.

Paula Williams: All right. We look forward to talking with you, and have a great week.

John Williams:  See you next time.