The first day of the NBAA BACE-

A few observations:

– You’ll notice a lot of people NOT wearing masks. The decision was made by NBAA to require proof of vaccination at the door and not require masks on the show floor or in the education sessions. We think this was a good move – it’s REALLY hard to communicate in a noisy environment in a mask, and they’re assuming everyone attending is honest about his or her vaccine status and adult enough to make decisions based on their own risk factors.

– Shiny new facility – the new Las Vegas Convention Center West Wing.

– NOT a lot of people, which is fine. As Larry indicated at breakfast, one of the best shows ever was the one right after 9/11/2001, which included ONLY die-hard conference attendees. Fewer attendees = more time with each person, more real conversations, and a great experience.

Glad we went! (And we’re still here! Want us to check up on your competition? Let us know!)