“YouTube is, at the end of the day, a search engine… that’s why Google bought it.”

Jake Paul

Imagine having your very own TV channel, and that you can publish anything you like on it:

– Customer stories
– Product demos
– Topic explainers
– Employee highlights
– “Behind the scenes” glimpses

And you can promote these videos very economically on Google!

Paula Williams: Hey, Paula Williams.

John Williams: And John Williams.

Paula: And we are ABCI. And ABCI’s mission is…

John: To help all you ladies and gentlemen out there in the aviation industry sell more of your products and services.

Paula: Absolutely. Today, I wanted to talk about…We wanted to talk about…Thank you very much. I know I do most of the talking but you do contribute, which is wonderful. An insightful comment every now and then.

John: How do you spell that?

Paula: Either way, insight or incite! Anyway, today, I wanted to talk about YouTube channel setup management and promotion, which is one of the services that we offer, that some people may not know about, even people that have been working with us for a while. Most of our clients have a YouTube channel and in the aviation industry, a YouTube channel is an amazing opportunity, right?

John: Of course.

Paula: I mean, how would it be? I mean, imagine 20 years ago somebody came up to you and said, you could have your very own TV channel which you could broadcast on using ways that people can find videos that are interesting to them. You could broadcast as much as you want whenever you want and people can get your videos anytime they feel like it.

John: Now, that wouldn’t work because of Technology, but I remember when we first got into this because we couldn’t get computers and cameras to talk.

Paula: Exactly. I mean John and I are both old enough to remember, watch it back when GoToMeeting was like in Citrix, was the coolest thing ever and people would be talking to each other over a computer and their lips wouldn’t match.

John: Actually, Citrix had a good thing going because we made that work over dial-up.

Paula: Yeah, we did. But it didn’t look good.

John: No, but it worked.

Paula: And the videos were like this big. And you know, it was really a far cry from where we are now. Now, everybody has 4K cameras, right? And really big screens and super-high bandwidth and so, everything that is needed for a great video exists in the world and you’d be crazy not to be using it because Aviation is such a visual.

Aviation consumers are such visual people, for the most part, they take in a lot of information. I mean, if you think about who Aviation consumers are, a lot of them are pilots, a lot of them are technicians, and they take in a ton of information visually, cross it very fast, and make decisions on it. And that’s the way they were trained. That’s the way that they operate.

So, why not use the most effective visual medium to explain your product or service to show people how stuff works, and even to talk with people, you convey so much more on video than you do in a written context or anything like that. I mean, if you look at the numbers of retention when people read something, they retain maybe 10% of it a month later. I can look up the figures and you know, it’s not as much

John: You probably should’ve if you’re going to talk about it.

Paula: Exactly. But, you know, for written content the retention is nowhere near what it is for video. If you see a video you remember most of what you see.

John: Well, that’s probably reasonable. Because I was taught to have a photographic memory. Mom taught me that it’s basically a picture.

Paula: Yeah. So if you’re sharing diagrams and animations and watching people, you know, explain something, you’re going to retain a whole lot more information than if you just read something. So this is a medium that I think you’d be crazy not to be taking advantage of. And I know a lot of people feel a little weird about being on camera.

John: You’ll get used to it.

Paula: Exactly. We’re all just humans. You don’t have to be glamorous. You don’t have to be fabulous.

John: As far as we know we’re all humans.

Paula: As far as we know we’re all humans. Maybe there are some among us that aren’t, that would explain a lot. But the point being, you know, the more you do it, the better you get, the more comfortable you get and the better you get at expressing yourself and it’s just like anything else, any other communication skill. You can learn it.

And so we’ve helped clients set up Podcasts, set up the tip of the week, you know, there’s a lot of things that you could put on a video channel. “The How It’s Made” kind of Series, where we talk about how something is done in a turban shop. We talked about how something is done in the concept of insurance. You know, how something is figured out, how they decide, whether a claim should be honored or not.

You know, all of those things are things that can be explained better on video than in writing, I think. I mean, we’re all this. I was the Sesame Street generation. So I grew up learning from video and I think a lot of us are that way. And you know, the things that we learned from a video, we retain a whole lot better.

John: Okay.

Paula: You’re gonna make fun of the Sesame Street generation?

John: I said nothing.

Paula: Okay. All right, but, you know, especially in a trust-based industry you want people to know you and trust you. And the best way to do that is to put yourself out there, you know, explain what you know, and a tip of the week is a really great way to do that.

John: And besides, once you get used to talking into a freaking camera, you can talk to anybody.

Paula: Exactly.

John: Some of our classes that are going on, are based on speakers that can’t be matched.

Paula: Yeah, and they’re asked to speak at different industry events and other things because of the practice that they got on video. So I mean, it’s a skill that really will set you apart from your competition. If you’ll do it, but they won’t. You know, who do you think people are going to buy from? The people that have the podcast or the people that don’t?

It makes it look like you really know what you’re doing and at least is willing to get out there and stand behind your products and services.

John: Exactly.

Paula: Right. So, setting up a YouTube channel is something that we really highly recommend, we can do that for you. We also do the management and promotion of that channel. There are lots of ways of doing that. There are lots of techniques just like any other media in terms of finding the right hashtags and finding the right places to promote your video.

Sometimes we use Google ads because Google owns YouTube. So it is cheaper to advertise a video than it is to do in a lot of cases, a text ad on Google and a whole lot more effective. So, you know, that’s an option that we can explore depending on who you’re trying to reach and how fast you want to build that audience.

So yeah, let’s talk about YouTube, a YouTube channel if we haven’t already. If you’re a client of ours, and if you’re not a client of ours and then you should be.

John: That’s right. Why aren’t you?

Paula: Right. If you sell something in the aviation industry, then you should be a client of ours. I think the products and services we offer for the prices are the best you’re ever going to find. So give us a call and set an appointment.

Let’s talk about what you have in mind and we can give you some ideas about a YouTube channel that would be a great fit for your Niche or your industry. All right, talk to you next week.

John: Stay safe and healthy.