How to Pitch Your Product on Social Media.

In Aviation, we often have very long sales cycles – we do prospecting, we qualify, we do competitive analyses, we negotiate, we structure deals, etc. etc. etc.

But sometimes not all of that is necessary – a simple pitch is all we need!

And on social media, often the simpler the better!

So, here’s a real simple formula you can use for your online pitches:

How to pitch a product

Answer these three questions:

  1. Who is this product for?
  2. What are the most important benefits.
  3. Specifically, what is the next step?
Pitch Your Product or Service Here

This may not be ALL you need to do, but at least you’ve started the process from an online interaction!

If you’re in our Aviation Marketing Lab, we’ve got a space in the community that’s just for pitching your product or service. Pitch it there! And look for pitches from other companies for more ideas and inspiration.

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