John and Martha King will be joining us for our Book Club Discussion this January.

We’re excited to talk with them about two of our favorite topics – aviation and entrepreneurship!

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Book Club Discussion - Lift with John & Martha King

We asked ChatGPT for some help coming up with questions for our Book Club Discussion on Friday with John ‘n’ Martha King.

How did he do?

From Amazon

You have a wonderful opportunity.

You live in the time and place where you can start your own business and pursue your passion to improve your life and the lives you touch. John and Martha King share how starting their own business allowed them to pursue their passion for flying by teaching pilots. Their courses enabled millions of their customers worldwide to greatly improve their lives by learning to fly. As founders of a worldwide business which has taught millions of pilots, the Kings have been fortunate to know and learn from many fellow entrepreneurs, some of whom are billionaires, and have come to deeply appreciate that entrepreneurs are problem-solvers who make life better for nearly everyone they touch. The Kings believe your business will be good for you and you will make it good for society. One of the benefits you will receive is that entrepreneurship develops habits and aptitudes that will facilitate your growth as a person.