Mark Parry, President and Founder of Global Aircraft Group, credits Aviation Business Consultants International with the significant improvement in his marketing results.

With over 30 years of professional aviation business experience, Mark is an expert in corporate aviation, including aircraft appraisals and insurance claims adjusting, pre-buy inspections, jet maintenance oversight, and expert witness testimony.

Mark’s career began in Lockheed’s Advanced Development Programs/The Skunk Works while Kelly Johnson, one of the most influential aviators of the 20th century, was still managing the program.

Mark Parry

“It was my first job right out of aircraft school. I moved across country with a friend and spent my first month in the holding pen awaiting security clearances. Management for the stealth aircraft (F-117 at the time) were mostly former NASA employees and top notch. I learned a lot from them which has impacted how I operate as an entrepreneur.”

Mark is also a history buff and loves to be around WWII aircraft. Last summer he got to go up in a B-17 during the Mid-Atlantic Air Show… that was a dream! Mark lives history: his house was built in the 1870s.

“I know aviation and business, but I tried and failed at doing my own marketing. I had a website and a business Facebook page, but I wasn’t getting many clients from either. I didn’t really use them.”

Mark knew I needed to improve marketing efforts for Global Aircraft Group and went searching for alternatives. Mark found ABCI through an Internet search and then received a great referral from a colleague, Jeremy Cox.

“After talking with Paula about my frustrations and goals, we developed a plan to turn things around. ABCI rebuilt my website, built a social media marketing infrastructure that didn’t have before, and optimized everything for SEO. Now I am #1 in Google results for my industry in the New England area. I am seeing a significant increase in calls for my services through the northeast USA and Canada.”

Mark says, “Working with ABCI is fantastic. I can’t say enough about Paula and her team. The organization and services they offer are top-notch and professional. I could not have done on my own what ABCI has done for my business… I’m only one person while other big companies have whole departments to manage their marketing. ABCI gives aviation entrepreneurs full access to marketing they wouldn’t otherwise have.  I refer colleagues to them regularly, especially in my insurance adjusters’ group. I even have friends outside aviation who want their services.”

P.S. Mark co-hosts the “Contrails & Cocktails” podcast with Paula.