Most companies are too heavy-handed with their branding in initial advertising.

We think your ads, your website home page, other “first contact” opportunities should be branded very lightly. Your logo should be be barely noticeable and the focus should be on your customer and their problems.

Once you’ve transacted a sale, however, that equation turns on its head and you want to feel really great about the decision you just made and about the relationship.

1. A personalized welcome letter – A letter that thanks the customer for choosing your company, introduces them to your brand, and provides some basic information about your products or services.
2. Contact information – Include contact information for customer support, sales, and other key departments so the customer knows who to contact if they have any questions or issues. (Card, QR code, or magnet to make this easy to find)
3. Promotional materials – Include any promotional materials or product brochures to give the customer a better idea of your products and services.
4. Samples or freebies – Offer samples of your products or a small gift to thank them for choosing your company.
5. FAQs – A list of frequently asked questions that your new customers may have.
6. Testimonials – Include testimonials or reviews from existing customers to help build trust and credibility.
7. Loyalty or Referral program information – If you have a loyalty program, include information about the program and how to enroll.
8. Social media information – Include links to your company’s social media accounts so the customer can follow and engage with your brand.
9. Referral program information – If you have a referral program, include information about how the customer can refer their friends and family.
10. Wearables. 1/2 of the casual clothes in John’s closet say “Garmin” or “Cessna” or “Harley Davidson” on them.

Don’t miss the opportunity when you have a new client to extend your brand and cement the relationship with a great welcome package!