Aviation Marketing on Google – How do I get to Page One of Google Results?

This week’s question is from Sydney, who asks – “How do I get my company’s site to page one of Google results?”

The answer is pretty simple, but not necessarily easy.

Aviation Marketing on Google - Better Google Results?It can be frustrating to spend a lot of money on a website, only to find that very few people are seeing your beautiful website.
Google directs  70+ percent of the traffic on the Internet, so getting Google to send that traffic your way requires having your site listed on the first page of results under your ideal keywords. aviation marketing on Google is simply good business.
This is the modern equivalent to having a big ad right under the perfect heading in the White Pages – people looking for the product or service that you offer will only look through the first few results.
So, the three big ideas you need to understand in order to get great results from Google are these:
  • Pick the best aviation keywords.
  • Understand that Google is getting smarter, so tricks don’t work.
  • Google rewards great aviation content.

Pick the Best Keywords.

One common mistake is to optimize your site only for your company name.

It’s great to have people find you when they’re looking for your company name, but what if they’re looking for the product or service you offer, and don’t know your name yet?

We advise aviation marketers to pick about 10 keywords that your customers or clients would use to look for the products and services you offer, and to optimize at least one page for each of those words.

How do you pick keywords?

  1. Relevance!  (In our case, “”aviation marketing” is more relevant than “Donald Trump.””
  2. Popularity! (In our case, people might look for “aviation marketing” or “Aviation Business Development” or “Aviation Advertising,” we just need to find which are the most popular.)
  3. Competition! (If someone else already has a strong position for “aviation consultants,” it’s better to be more specific with keywords that fewer people are competing for.)

Understand that Google is getting smarter, so tricks don’t work.

According to Search Engine Land, these are some of the “black hat SEO” practices that can get you in trouble:


  • Content Automation
    • Doorway Pages
    • Hidden Text or Links
    • Keyword Stuffing
    • Reporting a Competitor (or Negative SEO)
    • Sneaky Redirects
    • Cloaking
    • Link Schemes
    • Guest Posting Networks
    • Link Manipulation (including buying links)
    • Article Spinning
    • Link Farms, Link Wheels or Link Networks
    • Rich Snippet Markup Spam
    • Automated Queries to Google
    • Creating pages, subdomains, or domains with duplicate content
    • Pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing, viruses, 
trojans, and other malware

Google quickly catches on to any trick that people try, so our advice is to stay away from anything that looks or sounds at all shady.

Aviation Marketing on Google Requires Great Content

There are no shortcuts to great, high quality aviation content that your ideal customers actually WANT to read.  You can’t use software to “spin” it, you can’t hire overseas cheap labor to write it, and you can’t just casually make it up.  Ideally, you put some thought into what questions your customers actually ask, and create great articles that people really will read.

Other reputable sites tend to link to these high-quality articles, bringing more traffic, and also signaling the search engines that your article is worthwhile.

We (and several of our clients) have articles that have been on their sites for many years that are getting thousands of visits per year.  These articles are, not only drawing people to their websites every day, they are also spending more time on their sites, clicking on ads within those articles for products and services, and creating relationships.

The Bottom Line

There is no shortcut to getting to the first page of Google.  Having the most informative article about any given topic is the very best way to get better results and more traffic from Google.

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