We’re going to do this at every networking breakfast with our tribe!

But, we’ll get a much quieter venue AND a much more focused microphone for next time!

We think these guys did a fantastic job, under the circumstances.






Aviation Sales pitchWe recorded 30-second sales pitches at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas using the simple approach detailed below.  Or, if you won’t be at the show, you’re welcome to create your own video and send it to us for inclusion in a “collage” and podcast we’re producing in November.

We will also do some light editing on your video (add an intro and exit screen and background music) and provide it to you after the show, for you to use as you please.

Why Do This?

Honestly, the biggest benefit of creating a 30-second video pitch forces you to crystalize and rehearse your sales message.  This is powerful bit of marketing collateral you can use on your web site, social media, or append to an “informational” video about your area of expertise.


Feel free to modify as you choose!

“Hi, I’m <<name>> with <<company name.>>    We help <<customer type>> realize <<specific benefit.>>

We do this by <<process. Explain from the customer’s perspective  they don’t really want to know your process, they just want enough high-level info to understand that it’s effective and you know what you’re doing.>>

We are different from other companies you may be familiar with because <<reasons that will weed out customers you don’t want, and will attract customers you have the most success with.>>

If you <<meet these criteria>> and want to <<realize this benefit,>>  <<take this next step in my sales process.>>”


“Hi, I’m Paula Williams of ABCI. We help aviation sales and marketing professionals sell more of their products and services.

We do this by helping them better target and define their list, offer and presentation – so that people are more likely to respond to their trade show appearances, social media, direct mail ads or web sites.

We are not the most or least expensive marketing firm. We don’t produce glossy Madison Avenue or Hollywood-style ads.  We believe that customers today are more interested in transparency and real information than in hype, so we focus on collaborating with our clients to craft good, useful content,  and then use the best technology to get it in front of the right people at the right time.

If you’re interested in making more sales, schedule a free consultation with us by visiting Aviation Business Consultants.com and clicking on the big gold button, or by calling 702-987-1679. We’re looking forward to talking with you soon!”


  • Pretend you’re explaining what you do to an aunt or uncle you haven’t seen in awhile that is NOT in your industry. This will help you eliminate jargon or complications.
  • Pitch your mirror, your spouse or your dog a few times. The more you do this, the more wording you’ll add or change to suit your own style.  Just make sure you keep the basic elements intact.
  • Pitch a colleague. Ask them to help you critique this. (On paper, and/or by phone.)  Ask if there are better ways of explaining your benefits, process, or “call to action.”